I, (that is a collective I), the Joy Generation Storybook loves to be read and ravished, especially by curious and inquisitive souls like you, who dare to be different and to create a stir. A warm greeting is in order!

Hoyo, Hoyo, as we say here in Africa! Well-come!

There is much to discover under the glorious Sun!

Words and pictures will tell a new collective story,

Of human flourishing, thriving, and glory!

No one will be left behind or out,

On this Joy Rendezvous global route!


Once upon a time, long before the internet and many an encyclopaedia,

There were no technology, telecommunications, newspapers, or media!

News were shared by Minstrels, indeed true Joy Makers,

They were the next generation movers and shakers!

Traveling from village to village, on a Joy Mission,

They shared news from other worlds with much insight, clarity, and vision,

With a gift for storytelling, verses, song, dance, performances, and celebration,

They brought messages of hope, possibilities, and progress to many a nation.

Light-hearted, playful, colorful, energizing, stimulating, and uplifting,

They had a knack to engage everyone and catalyzed joyous paradigm shifting!

New ideas and narratives abundantly abound,

Which were quite prolific, practical, and profound!

This is happening once again,

Via the internet, horse, car, boat, train, or plane,

Across the globe in a different way,

So all can be upgraded from the fray,

Explore, create, flourish and thrive,

With no need to struggle and only survive!

across the globe

A new generation comes together with no need for translation,

Who is not defined by age, stereotypes, status, or nation,

In spontaneous, formal, and informal ways,

To birth a new story, narrative, chapter, and phase!

Starting on a clean sheet and blank page,

The stage is set so all can join, participate, and engage!

You can read all about their discoveries and stories here,

Whether you are close, far, or near!

Ps. This includes you too,

We welcome you into the Joy Generation Crew!

Your valuable contribution, wisdom, and insights,

Have the potential to uplift humanity to new heights!

Without it, the collective narrative will be incomplete,

Are you ready for the adventure? It will be a treat!