Monthly Featured Experiences: Navigate and Embrace Change

Google gives us access to 6,850,000,000 and 3,750,000,000 results respectively, when we search on the internet for ‘change’ and ‘transformation’. Here in the 21st century, radical change and transformation impact our daily lives in many ways, whether personal, social, or professional. How can we transcend the fear and uncertainty that abound because of events and circumstances that we cannot control or predict?

A wise man said, ‘The great virtue is the real courage to face facts and live beyond them.’ How can that be possible? This month we feature immersive, downloadable experiences to assist and support humanity and organisations to deal with change, transformation, and the unexpected in a more prepared way. You are able to access them here:

Softening the edges of Change Workshop – Transforming fear and orchestrating coherence– Beneficial during Social and Organisational Change Initiatives and Projects – For Leaders, Strategists, Futurists, Catalysts, Change Professionals, Change Agents, Changemakers, Facilitators, Managers, and Activists

‘Beyond Labels and Roles’ Mini Sensemaking Workshop, ‘Fusion of the Opposites’ Mini Sensemaking Workshop, ‘The Art of Conscious Relating’ Mini Sensemaking Workshop,  and ‘From Give-to-Get to Share-Receive Mentality’ Mini Sensemaking Workshop – Beneficial for making positive meaning, understanding, and a sense of stability, and orchestrating coherence in Teams, Networks, Ecosystems, and Groups – For Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, Change Professionals, Change Agents, Changemakers, Activists, Catalysts, and Facilitators

‘Begin as you mean to go’ Workshop, ‘CIA of Being’ Workshop, and ‘Greatness’ Workshop – Beneficial for finding mental clarity, emotional stability, physical agility, and spiritual strength (meaning and purpose) during rapid changing, confusing, doubtful, stressful, uncertain, traumatic, and overwhelming times – For Individuals and Groups

A warm, generous, and abundant welcome to the JOY Generation

Something wondrous and magical is always about to happen.

True joy is about being and feeling present at all aspects of life, about letting us fully feel the radiant life force that infuses us and runs through us out into the world.

Joy impacts our vitality, sense of self, relationships, careers, business, social life, experiences of life, the way we show up, sense of fulfilment, and much more.

Welcome to the joy path – an invitation to feel and experience joy now!

Shall we do a gentle check in and check our own vital signs?

Take a moment to sense and feel into your current state of being.


JOY – the glue in a divided world

There are many paths that lead to joy.

One path is to explore our Joy Generation Experiential Landscape, which is an integrative, wholistic, and playful space, where you can freely explore and experiment with joy,

through direct personal embodied experiences. No one is telling you what and how to think and how to feel. You discover possibilities for yourself.

Our joy field of exploration impacts us on a

Personal level – our awareness, sense of self and a sense of fulfilment – feeling safe to be

Social – awareness of other – how we relate to and engage with everyone and everything around us – feeling safe to be with

Organizational – awareness of our experiential landscape – how we play, create, and work together – feeling safe to create and give form to our dreams and goals,


Collective – awareness of being part of something bigger than ourselves – how we engage, contribute, share, and receive – feeling safe to show up, act, and interact.

Once we feel safe and secure in ourselves, we open the doors to true joy.

Best you discover and experiment yourself.

Joy is not a concept, it is an experience, a self-lived one.

JOY – a manifesting force

At the JOY Generation we invite and enable you, your organization, community, and group to:

  • transition from a fear, lack, and needs-based reality to a love, abundance, and possibility-based reality;
  • to harness the power and significance from change from the inside-out;
  • marry critical and creative thinking with emotional logic, intuitive clarity, sensory awareness, coherent connection, and creative direction;
  • sense for joy, fulfilment, and possibility, as you nourish, stimulate, and strengthen your mental clarity and acuity, emotional flexibility and maturity, physical agility and vitality, and spiritual (meaning and purpose) strength and direction, and expanded and integrated, embodied awareness;
  • celebrate and experience the wonders of wholesome, whole person, and whole system awareness and living;
  • stimulate your inner genius and innate ability to think creatively and independently, and expand your perception;
  • navigate unexpected events and disruptions with ease and joy;
  • embrace and harness interconnected, flowing, aligned, synchronised, and expansive emerging patterns;
  • thrive through nourishing, nurturing, and resonant connection, engagement, and support;
  • transform conversations, discussions, and meetings into coherent and meaningful participatory embodied experiences, resulting in inspired, aligned, coherent, generative, and fulfilling action and interaction; and
  • access and experiment with synthesized and curated wisdom, insights, and ideas.

We share a variety of interactive physical, live, virtual, and downloadable workshops, master and mystery classes, salons, co-creations, cross-pollinations, encounters, explorations, experiences, and quests.

Explore our JOY Experiences here – click on the button below.

Join our JOYWise Collective and feel inspired, connected, involved, appreciated, abundant, and surrounded by like-hearted and like-minded individuals, groups, and organizations.

Follow the JOY Path (invitations, events, and updates)

We are delighted to share the following invitations.

Stay connected.

  1. For events visit:
  2. Setting the Tone by Harnessing Leadership Intelligence (LI) Interactive Workshop shared at the Global Org-Change Conference 2022
  3. Gateway to the Possible Podcasts on Spotify
    Episode 1: Limitation is Power – Grafting and Crafting in the age of AI
    Episode 2: Befriending Polarities – Equality in the Worksplace
    Episode 3: Make Rain and Ride the Wave
    Episode 4: Breaking Barriers – Re-inventing Leadership
    Episode 5: Resonance Alchemy – one step closer to transmuting Inequality
  4. Sharing Corn – Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal – Volume 2 – Constructing and embodying new Models of Understanding – NOW AVAILABLE!

  5. Wisdom Factory Interview about Sharing Corn Journal

  6. ‘Softening the edges from Change’ Downloadable Interactive Workshop NOW AVAILABLE

  7. Post-Traumatic Stress affects all the aspects of our lives, our sense of self, sense of connection, vitality, relationships, careers, actions and interactions. Claim back your power and joy from external events and circumstances, by engaging in a self-guided, interactive, downloadable Greatness Workshop.

  8. Discover more interesting ways to experience joy here.



What our clients say about Hannelie and The Joy Generation

  • What [Hannelie] brought to the morning was absolutely unique, inspirational and soul-food. It took so long for this event to happen, but in the end it was worth the wait.
    Kym Jackson
    Symphonia Leadership Development
  • Hannelie has played a significant mentoring and coaching role in my political career. She tirelessly spearheaded and inspired two successful election campaigns under quite complex and unique circumstances in the past years and has contributed creatively to various international presentations. She deeply understands and relates to the African context and people; therefore she is able to design impact solutions that make a difference.  Hannelie, a true visionary, has the ability to notice unique potential and to create thriving opportunities for others.
    Daniel Chisenga
    Zambian Ambassador to China, Previous Mayor of Lusaka , Zambia; Previous UCGLA Vice President and President African Sister Cities International
  • I found an opportunity to discover myself again. I noticed how valuable was my given virtues and attributes. Now I can see the excellences and advantages from these gifts better.
    Radife Catay
    Senior Manager, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hannelie is a magnificent being. She understands that our fast and vicious existence creates a schism between the physical and psycho spiritual parts of our beings. Hannelie is a phenomenal facilitator that is able to bridge these ‘gaps’ moving you into a place where the powerful instrument of your body is realigned with the integrity and intent of your spirit. I was in a place that was like an eddy in a back water ‘ turning and turning in a widening gyre’. With Hannelie’s help I reconnected with my body and infused my spirit back into my life. This is no small thing and has lead to me pulling out of a paralyzed state and once more flying to great heights. Thank you Hannelie, your work and help will never be forgotten.
    Kendall Whalley
    Therapist, New Zealand
  • It wasn’t training from the book.  We had an interactive and informative training from an original, mature and advanced teacher.
    Alp Ozpar
    CEO, Istanbul, Turkey
  • I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Hannelie as my mentor at a personal level and hosting “Inspirational Leadership” workshops for our clients. Our clients have consistently responded with energy and enthusiasm to the content of the workshops and many attended the full series of four workshops. Hannelie brings a fresh, energised and enthusiastic approach which inspires people to do  things differently. It invigorates as Hannelie’s method and presentation differentiates you from the formal, corporate power dressing workshops which are now tedious.
    Clive H Viveiros
    Pinpointone, South Africa
  • Hannelie is an excellent speaker and even wonderful master of ceremonies at conferences. Her ability to unite people and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and discuss with a productive outcome is truly amazing.
    Jens Krotwaart
    MDV, Germany
  • It was really intended to open me up an incredible way and I benefited from it. It was a wonderful experience in my destination of discovering myself. Thanks.
    Zisan Unsalan
    Senior Manager, Istanbul, Turkey
  • I discovered a lot of things about myself and my life, my awareness has increased.
    Didem Ersoz
    General Manager, Istanbul, Turkey
  • You really made a difference in my life.
    Aretha Miyoba
    Entrepreneur, Zambia
  • Thank you for this workshop. It has really helped me solve my puzzle! You really are a miracle in my life. Stay blessed.
    Barbara Katongo
    Entrepreneur, Zambia
  • What a truly amazing experience.  As for myself, I am very much aware of the mind/body connection, what has tickled me quite a bit since last Thursday is the challenge and support part. This trail has made me very much aware of the lack and not knowing “how to” work on these two parts. You have helped me to clarify the factor of my awareness re mind/body connection is on track and opened up my mind to the work that lies ahead on my path to true oneness. So as for me, 10 to of 10 for this magnificent, challenging, motivating, spiritual, healing day. YOU TRULY KNOW HOW TO GIVE A GIFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anita Langerer
    Entrepreneur, South Africa
  • I know Hannelie for several years from regular online group meetings, in different contexts. Her loving and joyful presence, even only on a screen, is enhancing the energy of the whole group. She is holding the space even when she is not facilitating the event. When she does facilitate, she has the ability to meet the people where they are and to bring them along with her into this energy of loving co-creation. Everyone is in a completely different space of positive energy at the end of the sessions, regardless how they worried or negative one has felt at the very beginning. This is a really great gift Hannelie is offering to others from the depth of her heart.
    Heidi Hornlein
    Wisdom Factory and Women Matters
  • Those who are familiar with Hannelie Venucia’s stories know that her narrative enriches their lives with wisdom. New readers will learn how indispensable it is that the knowledge dispensed by the school that enables them to earn a living, be enhanced by the wisdom that so much helps to live well with themselves and with others. Not only sageness, but also imagination conveys the work of our author. Hannelie is in the footsteps of John Stuart Mill, who drew a distinction between material and spiritual pleasures. As stated by the British philosopher, the former are inferior to the latter, which includes imagination that is a way of conceiving the world, pursuit of one’s dreams and development of one’s potential.
    Piero Formica
    Professor of Knowledge Economics, Contamination Lab, University of Padua, and Senior Research Fellow, Innovation Value Institute, Maynooth University

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