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For a moment, joy…

We can generate joy or misery each day. The choice is ours.

Are you living your joy? Are you stubborn with your joy? Embracing it like the precious treasure that it is? Or do you doubt it and give it away when someone who does not believe in joy and who is terribly miserable, comes into your life? Do you allow their discontent emotions and misplaced opinions to seep and taint and dilute your joy?

There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed when that happens. The beauty lies in the wonder that we can come back to and realign ourselves and our circumstances with a state of pure joy – which is not a fleeting emotion or the opposite of sadness and discontent – whenever needed.

Your inner joy can never be taken away from you, not even by the harshest bullies, meanest intimidators, or the most insecure narrow-minded and opinionated interrogators. Just know that these are not your ‘people’. You choose who you surround yourself with and what and who you allow into your experience. It is like a television or movie channel you tune into. Do not allow anything or anyone to hold you back from creating the life you desire and are meant to live. You did not come to earth to live a life of struggle and misery. You came here to thrive and to experience true joy.

Tend to your inner garden of joy. Showcase your talents and brilliance. Surround yourself with like-hearted JOY Generators, who appreciate and treasure you for who you truly are, and who enjoy being with you.

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