JOY Planet – A Space Girl came to Earth

In this JOY Planet Visual Blog Space Girl Han is astonished by one of her discoveries.

Humans have made some amazing discoveries and innovations,

Technological and Communication advances of note,

These are incredible and definitely get our vote,

As it improves our lives and connect many nations.

We are however quite fascinated and troubled,

That with the capacity to create all these,

Humans seem to lack the ability to live together in ease,

As the way they treat each other and nature is trouble doubled!

Why is nature plundered and taking the back seat?

As without Nature humanity has no chance to survive,

And even more so no possibility to thrive,

As she abundantly provides so all can drink and eat!

Which takes us to this all; thus humanity,

Why is human development neglected?

And misdemeanour and ignorance not corrected?

The current behavioural patterns are a sign of insanity.

No matter how evolved and smart you think you are,

It is time to take a pause and look around,

Is what is currently happening feeling sound?

With all your knowledge it is quite bizarre!


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