JOY Planet – Your Body is a Wonderland

In this JOY Planet Visual Blog Space Girl Han recites a beautiful poem by Gayle Brandeis called A Body Politic of Peace, which is about the wonders of our Bodies and our Body Intelligences.

Your body is a wonderland,

How awesome and all so grand?

It is your inner-critic(IC) that tells you otherwise,

Your True Self will never do that girls and guys.

So when your IC sticks out its ugly head,

Send it far away to avoid emotional bloodshed.

It is actually quite submissive and acts on your instructions,

So do not allow it to steal your joy and lead you to self-sabotaging deductions.

A trip to the Sahara to count the sand,

Will do or to a far-away and unknown land.

That will keep your IC very busy,

And distract it and make it feel dizzy.

So you can begin to have a healthy body love affair,

With no need to compare which is super self-care.

Begin today,

And soon you will walk and dance with a sway.




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