JOY Planet – One Incredible Thing

In this JOY Planet Visual Blog Space Girl Han explores the need for one important ingredient when we want to actualize our visions, dreams, ideas, and bring our passions into reality.

Want to actualize a Big Vision that will allow all to thrive?

Have a wonder-filled idea you want to make real and bring alive?

Want to birth your passion into reality?

These are wondrous and about much more than formality!

There is one incredible thing you need to manifest,

So you don’t need to feel pressed, worried or stressed,

This vital ingredient is called Unconditional Trust,

Which acts like an enzyme and creates the necessary thrust!

It gives you peace of body, mind and heart,

As you realize the entire Universe is behind you from the start!

You did not need to do something or earn this magical support,

You automatically have a universal team and consort!



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