Where it all began…

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” J Nehru

So a space-girl came to Earth in the year that adds up to 8; the infinity sign in vertical form. Curious, she decided to stay and explore this magnificent haven and all its interesting beings and creatures. She fell in love with Nature immediately and became aware of things she never told anyone about.

The beauty of her story lies in her tracks. She loved beautiful stories and poems, to dance and sing and laugh and play and create and make and write, and to explore more. She knew intuitively there must be more to be discovered, about herself in this human form and her soul, and this planet she decided to stay on for a while, a long while yes, and life and existence and the universe and all the other living beings and creatures.

Her journey was quite something; maybe not that interesting to you, but extraordinary to say the least. You decide… Her Earth-mom gave her a first name that means Grace. It was after a famous South African Opera Singer that left South Africa to share her exquisite gift and talent with the world in the famous opera houses of Europe.  Her second name means Peace. Her maiden name means The Translucent Ones. She entered this beautiful blue planet at a place names after Willow trees.

Her parents moved to a place which name means: Place of Disorder. Here as a very young toddler she witnessed a horrifying event. How synchronistic? This event was imprinted in her cells. Beyond the shock of this atrocity, she inherently knew this can’t be it. This beautiful planet cannot be the home to such horrible events. Fortunately, her dad got promotion and they moved to a town which name means Morning Star. How wonderful? The morning star showing the way to something that can’t yet be named. An avid learner and curious explorer, she attended her first school, which name means Morning Light. A morning person, yes a very early bird, that even made sense. How else?

Then her dad got yet another promotion, to a town which name means Freedom. Do you begin to see the storyline? The first school she attended here was called New Republic Primary School. They moved to a street called East Street, number 22. If you are familiar with numerology you will know that the number 22 is a master number, which is all about being a master builder. Yet, in this lovely town she witnessed a few other atrocious events; all impacting her journey. Besides personal oppression of her genius at the age of 5 already, she had many of these along her journey, she had so many direct encounters with oppression on many levels that she began to understand why she chose to come to this beautiful planet. Oppression of the being, the genius, whole person inherent gifts and talents, were the ones that touched her deeply; on a cellular level. She discovered the soul of the world is aching because of this and that once we attend to the core, the human being, our realities and the way we treat each other, the planet and her creatures, will be very different. No one’s genius will ever be oppressed again, ever.  Not that you can compare and measure oppression of any nature. But back to her story. She attended a high school called Pioneer High School. Going to the big city alone to study, she stayed in a university hostel which name means View from the Top.

She did not follow the usual career pattern most did at the time. Her professional life took her to explore and work all over the planet, which exposed her to so many industries and places and people and systems and processes and strategies and so much more. Here, over 3,5 decades, again she witnessed how, truly sadly, the potential of the human being is being misunderstood. How our perceptions and models of understanding define and limit our experience of this beautiful mystery called life.

An avid learner she continued to explore and experience many interesting phenomena and concepts related to consciousness, energy, human potential, awareness, self-actualization, creativity, innovation and the likes. A discoverer and trailblazer she created and designed all kinds of workshops, interventions, programs and platforms, which she shared, interestingly enough, in places that were exposed to oppression of some nature.

She began The Inspiration Gap, an organization focusing on Leadership Awareness and Development, Self-Leadership as in Personal Development, Creativity and Innovation, and Embodiment. Her journey took her into the world of embodied learning, living, creativity and innovation. In 2015 while she was participating in the MIT ULab, five visions that have been with her for more than 15 years, came together into one; The JOY Generation. No one should ever be born into any kind of oppression, whether, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. It is our birth right to be born into a state of joy.

She continued her personal quest into human potential, passion and purpose, awareness, consciousness, embodiment, sensemaking, creativity and innovation, as she intuitively felt and sensed that these transform oppression into JOY. The pure JOY of Being alive and being able to live who you truly are and to freely express your genius and passion, with no restrictions and limitations.

She loves to write and published the first volume of her futuristic trilogy in 2015; which she uses to playfully share wisdom and insights and awaken new perceptions. A poet, she published two poetry bundles; Wisdom from unexpected Sources; a bundle of playful verses gently provoking humans to begin to think differently, and the other Soul Poetry. Passionate about catalysing awareness and new ways of perception through creativity, she published Sharing Corn – Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal – Constructing new models of Understanding, in 2016.

Following her experiences with Collective Sensemaking, she published The Mystery of the 7 S’s – Collective Sensemaking – the alchemy between the Senses, Synchronicity and Serendipity in 2018. She is busy giving life to the second volume of her trilogy as well as a Collective Sensemaking Experiential Guide, and a book about embodied learning, living, creativity and innovation called DISA – Discover Intuit Sense with Awareness.

As a scholar, this new field opened up and her first paper, Embodiment, the Missing Link in Creative Innovation, was published in 2017 in the International Journal for Innovation in Management. She will share two more papers in 2019; one about embodied learning and the other about sensemaking in business.

Seeing Differently

What is more important is the JOY Generation and the JOY Planet that you are so graciously visiting now. This is the culmination of her life’s work and contribution to this beautiful planet.

It is through JOY and Beauty and an embryonic, safe, prolific space that she aspires to transform the world through joy and to co-create and co-generate new realities together with the JOY Generators of the JOY Generation. If you are reading this, you are one of us.

JOY Panorama

Without a JOY Planet we are not able to create and innovate and create opportunities for our souls to express and share our brilliance. We take you on a Panoramic Tour through your mind and body, to experience interesting phenomena, concepts, and ideas in a novel, embodied way. You decide and discern for yourself if these realities are possible. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on and examine our own perceptual and psychological lenses through which we experience life. Do you see the world as beautiful and whole? Do you see your path as beautiful or one of a victim, blaming others, complaining? Or do you tap into your own potential and make choices from there, and consciously create the circumstances and reality that you would love to live, relate, make and play in?


When you visit JOYSense, you will be able to ignite, nourish, stimulate, strengthen, expand and enrich your own receptive, processing, creative, contextualising, conceptualising and embodiment abilities as we share a variety experiences of how we can tap into the collective intelligence and wisdom. Why? As clearly, humanity is struggling to find solutions to all the socio-economic-geopolitical dilemmas we now face. We are invited to co-sense, co-envision, co-create and co-embody new realities with these inherent talents and gifts we have as we Sensemake together, which by the way is not the same as making sense.

JOY Casts

Our participating wonderful and talented JOY Casters from across the globe and from different contexts and ages, are not only sharing their experiences about what is currently unfolding on this beautiful, blue planet,  but are busy giving life to something extraordinary. The beauty is that it is not planned or manipulated. It is unfolding and happening spontaneously. We will share more about this soon. You can share in these experiences by watching our JOYCasts (Podcasts) on Youtube, Vimeo, or listen to it on iTunes, SoundCloud and Blog Talk Radio. We continue this process in 2019.

Opportunity meets preparation

And as we co-create and co-generate and co-embody new, prolific, joyful realities, we create a safe, embryonic space for those who came more recently to tap into their own genius, as they will experience in so many ways in our JOY Rides Self-Discovery Adventures, SWING, Wheel of Fortune and the JOY Rendezvous, as they in turn get the opportunity to share their talents and gifts on our JOY Generation Ecosystem called the JOY Festival.

Come back to Beauty

Do you blame this space-girl for staying? Just look at this visual…

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