How much good can you handle?

How much good can we handle?

Or should it rather be how much good can we receive, contain and share?

There are so much good and beauty coming to us all the time, but we have no space to receive it. We are like a plant outgrowing the pot in which it has been planted. For the plant to thrive it requires more soil and space to spread its roots and to continuously grow. Yet, many cling to that pot and what is perceived to be the known and giving us a sense of safety. We begin to identify with this pot and fear we will lose this identity when we explore bigger landscapes.

Imagine for a moment you are a plant. Imagine your leaves, stem, and roots. What it would feel like to be so free, to be able to spread your roots without the limitations of the ‘pot’, and to be able to grow wild? Imagine that. Imagine you are trans-planted into a huge open space, where you can see the vast sky and feel the sun’s warm rays directly on your ‘skin’. Where you can anchor your roots deeply in moist soil, nourished by the rain? Where you grow on different levels, your root system expanding and giving you strength when the wind starts to blow? And where your stem knows only one way to reach and grow, and that it up, towards the warmth of the sun? And your leaves dancing joyously on flexible stems in the wind, expanding into all directions?

Maybe you are a plant that is life-giving and provides fruit or vegetables or legumes or grains? What does that feel like? The ability to nourish others in this way, whether human or other living creatures? How does it feel to share so much goodness? So much wholesomeness? Providing life-energy to others in such a humble way?

Or maybe you are a plant that is life-beautifying, such as a flower? How does it feel like to bloom and give off your magnificent scent as the wind teases you petals?  The ability to remind other living beings of natural beauty and of their inherent beauty, of the ability to nourish and stimulate these living beings’ senses in so many ways, and to showcase the wonder of creation in prolific ways. To be able to partner with other creatures such as bees and butterflies to become life-generating too? To be part of the cycle of life in such an active way? Cross-pollinating by just being you, the flower, and the bees and butterflies come to snack on your magnificent nectar? Is that not just beautiful and filled with goodness? How does that feel?

What did we sign up for?

We, humans, are no different from these living organisms and creatures. But sadly so many never get to enjoy venturing outside of the ‘pot’. And pure goodness escape them. Or so they believe. Misery seems closer at hand, which is not even logical. Why will we subscribe to and hang onto something that does not make us feel good?

And the wonder is that goodness is something we co-create with other living beings and creatures and organisms and our planet and the universe. Curiosity, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude takes us far on this wondrous journey called life; it energizes and creates momentum with such ease and joy. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and actions co-create our reality in every moment. So we have a choice of what type of reality and experience we want to contribute to and co-create. When we view our life as art and are aware that we have the power to co-create, only beauty, joy, goodness, and grace results. So we better be prepared to be amazed.

And it does not stop here. This pure goodness filters through our expression, thus our words, presence, and posture, and all our relations, connections, engagements, and interactions. ‘It feels good to be with you.’ What beautiful words to hear?

We are all paintbrushes that co-create beautiful, unique expressions of our own individuality blended with the collective consciousness, intelligence, and wisdom. Yet, how many of our personal encounters and group engagements make us feel good and are energetic lifting? Revitalizing, nourishing, stimulating, and strengthening us? Filling us with a sense of beauty and goodness and delight?

Coming together

How many of our personal encounters and group engagements make us feel depleted, frustrated, intolerant, impatient, numb, despondent, or in despair?  How many pressure us to justify, explain, defend, or protect our insights and ideas and experiences? How many of our personal encounters and group engagements are about proving a point, the need to be right, convincing, calculating, or coercing others? These mostly happens within the ‘pot’. And with all due respect, most make one feel afterwards that you need ‘pot’ to relax 🙂 We need a bit of external help to feel good. Shall we do a kind check-in? In your experience, do you generally feel inspired, refreshed, enthusiastic, and encouraged during and after such engagements? Do you perceive and experience these as life-giving and life-nourishing; breaking the walls of the pot? Pondering and wandering in the entire landscape and expanded ecosystem?

Likewise, how many of your personal encounters and group engagements provide you with the opportunity to deeply connect, share insights emerging and co-create new context and co-conceptualize something brand new beyond preconceived ideas and hidden agendas? Thus stimulating and nourishing our receptive, perceptive, and creative abilities? (the combined insights of all together plus the collective intelligence and wisdom; not a competing space of so-called experts and novices, facilitators and participant, teachers and students, and leaders and followers, but rather the opportunity to contribute on an equal level, no matter status, education, background, wealth, position, etc.) How do these make you feel? Like a flourishing plant, filled with nutrients and energy flowing freely? Feeling totally alive and that you and your contribution are significant and have impact? Do they fill you with goodness? Excite, encourage, and inspire you? Maybe you haven’t yet experience such encounters and engagements outside the ‘pot. Do not feel deprived; they are available to you now, regardless of the environment or context.

But let’s come back to goodness and how much we can contain. The magic about goodness is that when we embrace and express and share it freely, we tap into an unlimited source of wonder. We become like a fountain and no ‘pot’ can contain us. Insights and ideas love to come through such people, as they need life-giving and life-generating energy to nest in and incubate and percolate, otherwise they are not able to grow and actualize. They are no different from a plant. It needs the right conditions and environment, just as a subtropical plant will not be able to thrive in a desert. Ideas and insights need goodness and lots of it, and space to expand and evolve without restriction.

A gentle landing

Before landing we need to take off on our journey. Sadly in many group discussions, conversations, and dialogue our launching pad is a place of heaviness. Imagine a plane taking off from the state of mind of all the passengers. It will be too heavy to take off. Regardless, that is how many discussions and conversations start; from what we do not have or have not achieved yet or what is not working or limitation or lack or fear or looking for solutions to problems. Not from a place of open-mindedness, open-heartedness, pure goodness, beauty, possibility, and abundance; allowing ideas and insights to find us. Our minds are filled with stuff. Our ‘pots’ are filled and overflowing with opinions, limiting frames of reference and beliefs, rigid mind-sets, self-sabotaging behaviors, emotional reactions, and the likes in a world of good-bad, right-wrong, and appropriate-not appropriate judgments. Someone must be right. There is this weird idea that we have to all agree, as if we are duplicates of each other. Conflict, disagreement, and prejudices make us look for common ground, which takes a lot of time. We listen to compare, validate, and evaluate against our limited frames of reference, thus our ‘pot’. Some have to prove their point, be heard or seen. It is impossible to listen to receive and come to the heart of the matter. If only we remember what it was like when we were children? You discover something and you cannot wait to enthusiastically share it with your friends. They listen with admiration and curiosity, and together you explore further.

The ‘pot’ must go!

How can we get rid of this ‘pot’ or at least empty it? How do we transition from the ‘pot’ to the entire landscape without fear or losing our individuality or the power of our wisdom and insights? And how to harness the information emerging and to leverage the momentum co-created into fluid, aligned, synchronized, harmonized, and meaningful actions? Like a new born baby, our actions grow our ideas and insights into reality. Most of all, how do we tune into and tap into pure goodness in group engagements, discussions, dialogue, and conversations? And what life-giving and life-generating processes can we follow?

What else is possible?

So many questions, yet extremely powerful, as it opens up many possibilities and purposefully direct our awareness, attention, and energy. There are many roads to Rome and not only one way. Instead of sharing how, it may be best to share a little about a prolific and powerful process that unfolded and emerged over almost 2 decades across different continents, cultures, industries, environments, contexts, and communication media.

Unexpected and filled with much surprise and heart touching experiences, this most beautiful process emerged from many human interactions to seamlessly tap into the group and collective mind and consciousness, creative and embodied thinking, and many other techniques, with an intended purpose. The exploration landscape was and still is diverse industries such as oil, public transport, technology, higher education, manufacturing, government organizations, and service organizations, not for profits, entrepreneurs, social and impact organizations, in a variety of environments in Europe, United Kingdom, West Asia, East Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Canada. Leaders, CXO- Executives, Politicians, Government Officials, Innovators, Educators, Learners, Social Artists, Socio-economic-eco Impact Innovators, Change-makers, Catalysts, and contributors to the Workspace, participated through physical and online group engagements, as well as during Industry and Innovation Conferences in the EU, West Africa, Turkey, South Africa and Japan.

We are deeply grateful for these significant contributions that led to a fluid, meaningful, fertile, and delightful process. It continuously evolves and unfolds. A golden thread emerged through all these incredible engagements; we follow the flow of goodness and joy. Our biggest discovery was, that no matter the context or environment or culture, how to playfully empty our ‘pots’ and how to gently introduce individuals, groups, communities, and organizations to the collective intelligence and intuition, through enacting our inborn sensibilities, creativity, and inner knowing, without losing our identity or the power of our individual contributions and understanding.

Fusing of Opposites

The incredible wisdom, insights, discoveries, beauty, wonder, awe, commitment, enthusiasm, passion, excitement, delights, and shifts that emerge in such experiences always take us back to when we were children. The immense creativity, power, congeniality, unity, reach, impact, and inspiration bring about deep love and reverence for life, and often tears of joy.  To be part of and to be between such joyful expressions and discoveries is both a gift, honor, and delight, as it is heart touching and mind opening. Tough men cry and show affection. Men and women alike open up to their receptive abilities, creative potential, and inner sensibilities. The defensive walls come down and the combative spears are buried, as, together, we get to the heart of the matter with the help of the collective consciousness, intelligence, and wisdom. And everyone’s contribution is significant and celebrated. The usual human dynamics gremlins of staying stuck in opinions, opposing forces, different lines of thought, contradictory behavior, judgment, criticism, skepticism, fear, doubt, disagreement, competitiveness, and suspicion cannot survive in such a space. These gremlins are not constructive and fruitful, they are destructive, distracting and self-sabotaging. Not ignoring them, we have a fun process to make them feel important and keep them very busy.

We have seen how boundaries, perceived limitations, and differences dissolve and are transcended. How big, diverse groups become unified, as the collective intelligence, consciousness, and wisdom is more powerful than a few human beings stuck in their pots and boxes; fearful to explore the perceived unknown and bigger landscape.  The golden thread of life weaving everything together, the wonder of human true nature and potential, which magically brings about the feeling of belonging, as the process stimulates and nourishes human nature and potential.

‘We receive truth through our whole body.’ Richard Rudd

There is nothing weird about enacting all our sensibilities, creativity, and inner knowing. It is all natural to us human beings. We engage these aspects every single moment in life and we begin to use our sensibilities the day we are born. Our senses enables us to experience life and all its nuances and wonders. What will life be like when we cannot see or hear or move freely? No one taught us how to sit up, crawl, walk, run, climb, create, or make. We had an inner knowing, instinct, and gut feeling. Neither is it weird to tap into the collective intelligence, and wisdom. Some may just not be aware that they are doing it. If you have a thought or idea, where does it come from? We are creative in each moment, we create our experiences, and how we show up in each moment, through our choices, intentions, thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and interactions. If we encounter someone and we treat them in an unkind way, we create an unkind experience, for both of us. We are in charge. Life does not happen to us, it happens through us. If we entertain an unhappy thought, we will have an unhappy experience. Someone else in exactly the same situation choose a happy thought or way to look at the situation, and they will have a happy experience.

To know you have to go!

Instead of sharing the elements of this process, which we call Embodied Sensemaking, a personal experience might be more beneficial. We created 8 Online Video Downloadable experiences to introduce you to the process, which you can access on our JOY Planet Website, You will find them at our JOYSense page. We use meaningful themes that directly impact group interaction, dynamics, and engagement as the context. Each themed experience shares different Embodied Sensemaking techniques. The aspects of this very powerful and prolific process and techniques shared, can be applied in any context, environment, community, group, organization, or industry. The same process can be applied for any personal experience, whether relating to career and contribution, vitality and health, relationships and support, empowerment and growth, meaning and purpose, connectedness, potential, fulfillment, and wholeness.

We facilitate live and online any group engagements, conferences, webinars, and summits globally using Embodied Sensemaking techniques, which include Generative Action Circles and our ‘The Gap’ Tool, regardless of the context, environment, and industry.You are welcome to connect to us, should you like to explore the possibility for your organization or group to participate in our global academic study relating to Embodied Sensemaking in Leadership and Business.

Curious about Embodied Sensemaking?  Get a feel our next Online JOYSense Experience via Zoom : The art of Jumping Timelines, on 15 October 201990 Minutes at 07h00 San Francisco, 08h00 San Jose, 10h00 New York, 11h00 Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, 15h00 London, 16h00 Oslo, Paris and Cape Town, 17H00 Helsinki, Istanbul and Nairobi, 22h00 Kuala Lumpur.

You are welcome to register for this experience on our JOY Planet Website under Events.

Follow the flow

So much is lost during group engagements, learning process, conferences, webinars, and summits, as we do not necessary have the tools or means to follow through, or follow the flow or harvest the insights emerging or growth of ideas and relationships.  ‘The Gap’ is a tool we developed for this purpose, which consists of Flow Maps, Focal Points, Choice Points, Synchronization Points, Coherence Points, and Power Nodes. We are busy developing an app that makes this process even more stream-lined, playful, practical, and powerful, and easy to use.

Everything eventually connects

Life is about connections and relationships. Everything is interconnected and interrelated. In order to assist groups and organizations to cultivate and harness prolific relationships and engagements, our Awareness Maturity Model, Compatibility and Coherence Profile, Synchronicity and Relationship Maps and Sensemaking Engagement Model (SI) are of great significance.

Connect with us

You are welcome to connect with us for a complimentary online exploration session to discuss your specific requirements and how these tools can be beneficial within your unique context and situation. You can reach us at

‘You can never cross the ocean unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore.’ Christopher Columbus

Our ‘pot’ is the shore. The ocean of ‘ALL that Is’ awaits; the collective intelligence and wisdom. We are both the wave and the ocean. Thank you to those individuals, organizations, groups, communities, and groups that enabled the emergence of Embodied Sensemaking and all the wonderful complementary tools and processes. You were co-creating with us. Thank you for that.

How much good can you handle? Let’s call it in


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