Never been there, not done that!

A journey can become a sacred thing,

Make sure before you go,

To make the time,

To bless your going forth,

To free your heart of ballast.

John O’Donohue

20 September 2019 will be remembered in the chronicles of time. Humanity is awakening! Young and old, spoke up about our devastating effect and impact on Nature and Climate Change. A most wonderful time of major shifts in consciousness and a pivotal point in her-and his-story.

What has been revealed and unfolding might feel quite frightening, as our existence and perception of mortality is directly impacted. It might seem an impossible task to improve life for all on Earth, when we act and react from fear, and potential lack and extinction.

What now?

But what now? Whereto from here? How do we make things better on a large scale?

Before we explore these questions, shall we do a check-in of our internal weather, thus our inner state of being and climate? How do we feel right now about our magnificent planet, humanity, and our own lives?

Let’s take a step back, be gentle with ourselves, take a deep breath, and disconnect from mass consciousness? Why would that be a good idea? It is wise to come back to an inner state of calm before we make decisions and set actions in motion, otherwise, no matter our good intentions, our actions will be scattered and not coherent. A state of being still, grounded, and steady is the fulcrum of forward propulsion.

To come back into this moment, let’s take a collective, deep, slow breath. On the inhale breathe in the present, take a pause before we exhale, and on the exhale breathe out the past. And relax. Let go of the old, and bring in the new! On the next inhale, breathe in possibility, take a pause before we exhale, and exhale limitation. And relax. We are about to embark into the world of possibility!

From here we can reconnect to the center of the Earth and to our own center. Likewise, from here we can reconnect to the power of the land, which is alive in our cells and bones. Can you feel this power in your bones? No need to judge yourself if you can’t. We have been conditioned to lose this powerful connection. And the beauty is that we now have the opportunity to deeply reconnect with the Earth and the spirit of the land. We are not separate from her.

It is an opportunity to proceed forward gently and slowly. A chance to take the time to align our rhythm with that of the Earth. An invitation to stop to smell the daisies and to enjoy and appreciate the view. In this way we are enable to come back into the here and now, so we can disconnect from the fear of the future and blame of the past. Making haste decisions will simply create more chaos and fear, and we will be even more fragmented and disconnected. We will not be able to explore all the possibilities available at this time, as our attention will be scattered and uncertainty will create doubt. Small steps and steady progress can have a profound impact. Best to tread thoughtfully, and to take time to consider possibilities and their practical application.

Never been there, not done that…

None of us, alive, has done this before in the way that is necessary. We are all in the same boat and are amateurs, there are no experts, gurus, and the likes to give us a perfect recipe to make things better. None of ‘been there, done it’; thus none of us wore the t-shirt.

An open book awaits, the pages are blank. We choose how we will all fill these pages from this moment forward, with our intentions, visions, dreams, thoughts, feelings, words, speech, creations, contributions, actions, and interactions. We are able to write the script and co-create a new narrative and story.

We cannot control or predict much, as there is simply too many influences at play. However, we can make alive, informed, and prolific choices of how we perceive, related to, approach and respond to what is busy unfolding and emerging.  Do we see it as a disaster or are we indifferent or do we see it as a transition from one era to another, where humanity becomes aware of the effects of our behavior, thoughts, and emotions, and that we are most capable to transform and adjust our behavior? What if we see this as a new beginning for humanity; a new direction? What will be possible when we are willing to step over the threshold of unconscious consuming, mindless gathering, and greedy excess into conscious, connected, and mindful living? Most importantly, how do we respond to this awakening? 

The wonder of awakening

Awakening is a wondrous experience, yet it announces an ambiguous time. The word ambiguity literally means to ‘move between’. Yes, humanity is in an in between space, between the familiar and the ‘unknown’, between what is no longer working and other possibilities, and between worlds. (Our perception of these worlds)

I love how a wise man spoke about awakening. He compared it to us being like a camel sleeping, completely oblivious to what is happening around it. Then we wake up, and we are like lions roaring. We see much of roaring these days, on so  many levels. People standing and speaking up for a cause and expressing their truths. After that comes the playfulness and curiosity of the child, the awe and wonder of what we might discover and create. Seeing with new eyes and feeling freshly, we do not get trapped in stale, stuck energy and rigid mind-sets.

The child part is most fun, light-hearted, open-minded, and fulfilling, as we are able to stimulate and nourish our inborn sense of curiosity and wonder, creativity, sense of freedom, sense of awe, and courage where all is possible.

Our world now needs the ‘child’ within us to step forward and to fearlessly co-create a new reality. I love how Alberto Viloldo speaks about the new. He says it is like a sculptor molding clay, feeling the dampness and the resistance. Smelling the rich, earthy odor, and fashioning something original, organic, and beautiful.

What will we fashion now?

Revolutions birth during the lion part of the journey. Yet, it can become the playground of reactive behavior, blaming, and shaming, and being trapped in the past, which is not serving anyone. Mass consciousness can feel heavy and entangle us, and we can easily get stuck in echo chambers and do not ‘move between’ phases in life. Words without generative action (thus something that can grow, blossom, and bear fruit) is meaningless and a waste of energy. Thus best to check-in daily what our thoughts, feelings, attention, actions, and interactions are focused upon. We cannot see clearly, as this is uncharted ground, even if we think we have some answers.

The beauty of an awakening process is that there are no right-wrong, good-bad, or appropriate-not appropriate judgments, shame, or guilt. Acceptance where we are at this moment in time, without judgment, allows us to flow and grow from here. From here we can ask open questions that open up possibilities, which will serve us and the planet best now. These are more beneficial to all involved. We can ask ourselves what is required and a necessity at this moment in time. There is no one specific answer, as life is too diverse. No use of looking back either; we will turn into a salt pillar. Besides, our feet are facing forward. It is a learning experience for everyone and an opportunity to reconnect with Nature and each other.

The energy of a revolution is most powerful.  It has the ability to launch a rocket into space. The question is how we will direct this energy purposefully and whether we are able to follow the natural flow, without trying to control it. A trap of a revolution is that for some it is an opportunity to vent suppressed emotions and thoughts, and to be heard and seen. Hence what is it really about for them, if committed action does not ensue? Did they join the masses to verbalize their frustration or are they totally committed to the cause and will follow through?  Will life continue as usual or is it a personal turning point; thus an inner revolution too?

Who is at the core of a revolution? The individual of course, otherwise it is a pipe-dream. Humanity is central to the dilemmas we face. Without humanity there is no dilemma. We are not separate from the Earth, we consist of the same elements and co-exist with all other living creatures and organisms. So we can no longer be ignorant and indifferent.  As within so without. An outer revolution without an inner revolution is simply talk and a lot of noise. And we all know that talk is cheap. Our actions speak louder and make it real. 

It is easy to simply look at the symptoms, speak up about it, and then put some ointment and a plaster on it. We spoke up, we shared our rage and anger, and now someone else must fix it all, as if we did not partake in the mess, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We no longer have an excuse, as what was hidden now came to the surface. Deferring our personal power and responsibility onto leaders and societal decision makers is an act of projection and indifference, and a placebo. Policies, laws, and rules have never motivated people to change unwanted behavior, else we would not need so many law enforcement agencies. Effective and sustainable change comes from within.

How do we expect a few men and women across the globe to fix it all? It starts with every human alive at this time.  The beauty of this precious moment in time is that the current state of the world and our own inner state of being, gives us an opportunity to activate, stimulate, nourish, and direct our inborn self-leadership, and powerful receptive and creative abilities.

A journey starts with the first step. How will we begin this journey?

Begin as you mean to go!

Remember the anticipation, the curiosity, the excitement, and sense of awe and wonder, when we went on vacation or a road trip or visited a new place as a child? Impossible to sleep the night before we depart, our imaginations working overtime? What is this place like? Who will we encounter along the way? What fun things will we be able to do? What will we discover? All our cells celebrating and tingling with delight? We count the days and are thrilled when we leave the house and enter our mode of transportation.

Humanity is taking off on a journey into the unknown. How does that make you feel? Are you able to recall your inner child and follow the white rabbit, or have you forgotten about that part of you? How do you approach, respond to, and engage with what is emerging at this time, as we cannot escape our impact on reality? More importantly, how do you feel about a journey into the unknown?

A journey is a transition in essence. We go from here to there. A transition into a new way of being, relating, seeing, creating, acting, and interacting. Transitions are natural; day into night and night into day, the four seasons, ‘old’ year into the ‘new’ year, and birth and death. The magic about transitions is that humans love to celebrate transitions. We celebrate birthdays, coming of age, graduation, marriage and relationships, new homes, new jobs, the new year, special days, and many more important milestones.

Shall we do a quick, kind check-in? Have we congratulated and celebrated humanity and ourselves for this significant change in direction? Are we grateful that humanity is waking up and taking the leap? Imagine what will be possible when we begin this new journey with child-like curiosity, awe, wonder, anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm, and in a state of joy, gratitude, and celebration?

And imagine what will be possible when each human now trust and use their inborn creative sensibilities and intelligences to co-create and co-generate a new reality where we live with more awareness? Imagine the fulfillment and meaningfulness of being able to consciously contribute to such a reality? And the dignity that we have the opportunity to leave a legacy behind for future generations and contribute to replenish, regenerate, and co-create with the Earth, and not simply living off the Earth and impacting her with mindless behavior and habits? Something worth living for, don’t you think?

Now add these togethercuriosity, awe, wonder, anticipation, excitement, enthusiasm, celebration, joy, awareness, gratitude, co-creation, commendation, fulfillment, meaning, and dignity – and the product is something we cannot even define; it has infinite possible expressions and forms. Imagine what is possible when we begin our journey from such a state of being? This composite energy will propel us forward and create momentum that humanity and our beautiful planet can benefit from at this time.


What we look and what we see

The way we perceive this journey will determine our actions. We can see the current state of the world as the darkest moment for humanity; the most hopeless space we have ever been in. Yet, day is born from night and offers us plenty opportunities each day to enjoy and contribute to a wonder-filled experience. Everything we go through helps us to grow and evolve. It is an opportunity to expand our conscious awareness, a chance to see things differently, a chance to shift our perspective, and an opportunity to live with more awareness.

Some may be inadvertently sink into depression and despair, because they believe the world around us is in disarray. Everything serves a purpose and has a reason for being otherwise that thing would not exist. Life is like a divine tapestry; each thread is vital to the overall picture. Trusting the greater unfoldment brings about inner peace and enables us to be fully present to what shows up.

Being human, we sometimes get so caught up with wondering what’s around the next corner and worrying about our current challenges that we forget to focus on what’s great in the moment. By simply focusing on all the wonderful and glorious things in this moment, everything improves already.  So what can we focus on right now? Imagine what will be possible when our starting point is that of what is working, beautiful, and strong, instead of concentrating on potential lack and scarcity, and what is no longer working? Our state of being is our strongest asset and unlimited source, complemented by a positive outlook, an open and receptive mind, an open and kind heart, and being fully present in the moment and welcoming life with fresh eyes each day.

Movement is a vital element of any journey and transition. Emotive action originating from intrinsic motivation is required, and not merely fearful activities to rectify undesirable behavior. To be able to ‘move between’ – without fear – it is best to empty that which causes the fear, thus our minds. We need new models of understanding, new mental constructs, and new vocabulary, as our preconceptions and limited frames of reference are based on past experiences. We can embrace and experience everything as newly when we are willing to let go of these limiting aspects. The good news is that the true power of our minds will bring the balance and stability we desire in times of transition.

Children love to move. Movement brings about clarity, as we are able to see from other angles and can see deeper and beyond. Our bodies act on our behalf, as it wants to create. We will not find ‘answers’ between 4 walls or when stationary in front of a laptop or phone. Our physical space contains the familiar and determines whether we are able to perceive other possibilities.  Our minds entrain with the space between the 4 walls and create a frame of reference accordingly. To be able to think outside the box, there should be no box. We need openness, spaciousness, and the wonder of Nature to sense into what is possible. And what better space to reconnect with Nature and allow her and the collective wisdom to inform us, then Nature herself? In this way we now become conscious partners with Nature, and co-create and co-generate in harmony with her natural forces. We no longer live off her and treat her as a supplier of some goods and consumables.

What seeds will we plant?

Our minds like associations and what better way to put our minds at ease than gardening or farming? There is no need to go into a state of fear, as we now have the opportunity to co-create a new garden. The soil must be prepared, before we plant new seeds. It is toiled to infuse fresh oxygen so the soil can breathe and to break the rigidity of the soil after the previous harvest. In this way nutrients are replenished and the movement creates flow of new fresh energy and rid of stuck, dense energy. We thus literally flip the soil upside down. And that is what any transition gifts us with, an opportunity to question our beliefs and limiting mind-sets, and to look at the situation from different angles and perspectives. Furthermore it give us the opportunity to explore the impact of this event and possibilities on all levels; thus physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It enables us to become resourceful versus being stuck in a state of fear, lack, and inadequacy. There is a Nigerian proverb that says that the wise build bridges and the foolish dams during times of crisis. What will we build at this time?

Our higher mind and imagination loves being stimulated by creative questioning. Three powerful, prolific questions we can ask, ‘What future excites me? How can I co-create it now? Here in this moment?’ Doubt and apprehension can create havoc. When that happens, simply ask, ‘What else is possible? What wants to happen here?’

Our hearts and intuition love essential inquiry. Our actions transform when led from the heart and our full potential self. Key inquiries are, ‘Are my actions self-serving, self-obsessive, or co-generative?  What does my soul want to contribute to at this moment in time?’

Our bodies love opportunities where we give response to our abilities. It is our magnificent instrument to bring our ideas and desires into form, and to energize our endeavors. We co-create life in each moment with our intentions, beliefs, deeper motivations, thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, speech, actions, and interactions. Break from routine and break patterns. Go somewhere, stop and enjoy the view. Do something out of the box. Have fun. Laugh often. Do something frivolous and ridiculous.

An intention, followed by passion, vision, and willpower to transform our behavior, is extremely powerful. Yet, just as we need to weed a garden, do we need to often release limiting beliefs, rigid mind-sets, and toxic thoughts, and express and release suppressed emotions, and reactive behaviors. Likewise, if we harbor down-spiral talk, judgment, hatred, criticism, intolerance, impatience, and cynicism, they will drag us down and our seeds will not be able to push through the soil to the sun.

The gift

Like we have to dive very deep to find a pearl, we need to dive deep within ourselves to find the inner gifts that humanity and our beautiful planet and her creatures need at this time. No need to judge ourselves whenever we experience irritation, frustration, resistance, defensiveness, and combativeness. Know that there is a huge gift waiting, if we are willing to dive deeper into these experiences. Much friction had to happen for the magnificent pearl to emerge! Do not get attached to the shell.

In every creative process, in every birth, in every opening of a new cycle of life, there is vulnerability and fragility, which is natural, beautiful, and appropriate. A vibrant green shoot is rising up from the Earth.  A babe’s legs are wobbly at first, yet, they will become remarkably powerful in time. Guard your own creative process and new-born awareness and your beautiful heart with vigilance. Take time to notice who and what triggers you. Observe where in your body you feel discomfort when this happens. Simply breathe into that area and move around. Stand up with soft knees whenever you feel disorientated, overwhelmed, or fearful. Bring your attention to your belly-button. Breathe in through your nostrils into this area and out through your mouth with a sigh. Release the stress and tension on the exhale. Breathe in vitality, strength and power on the inhale.

Laugh for no reason. Laughter attracts positive and nourishing encounters. Go for me-time in Nature. Take a walk or run when the sun rises. Be with the sun in whatever way possible. Allow sunlight to warm your entire being.

Sit before a mirror on a Friday night and focus within on love, abundance, and possibility. Look with soft eyes into your left eye. (Our right eye is the judging one.) See this love, abundance, and possibility radiate out from within, and begin to glow. And as you do, see your inner beauty and potential grow. If you encounter serious negative self-talk going on in your head, simply get up, shake your head, roll your eyes back in there sockets, and move around. Gently sit down and give yourself permission to connect with love, abundance, and possibility inside you. And begin again. Do not give up the first time.

The yellow brick road

The soul of the world is ready to rejoice once again…it wants us to rejoice…it wants you to rejoice…

The yellow brick road awaits… shall we begin the journey with curiosity, awe, wonder, anticipation, excitement, enthusiasm, celebration, joy, awareness, gratitude, co-creation, commendation, fulfillment, meaning, and dignity?

“When the path ignites a soul,
there’s no remaining in place.
The foot touches ground,
but not for long.”
~  Hakim Sanai

Ps. Without negating or criticizing the beautiful intentions and amazing efforts of the recent Climate Strike, growing up in a country where strikes are common place, I have to share with a lot of respect and love that strikes on its own unfortunately do not catalyze regenerative and sustainable change.  We are now called to go to the next level, which is an inner journey before outer action. Thus change from the inside out, intrinsic motivation and aligned, synchronized, coherent, and generative action. It is not a once-off event; it is embracing a completely fresh outlook, new worldview, and conscious personal life-style.

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