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Welcome to the wondrous world of Self-Worth. Here we dip into the nectar of life and allow our souls to be rejuvenated and nourished.

Together, we explore the concept Self-Worth and how it impacts all the other aspects of our lives. Be sure to join our Facebook JOY Generation World Group, as here we will daily expand our joint discovery process relating to Self-Worth.

Listen to this audio as well – let’s do a check-in:

We do not often allow me-time for ourselves. Take a moment to reflect and do a quick check-in. The good stuff happens here.




The living self has one purpose only: to come into its fullness of being, as a tree comes into full blossom, or a bird into spring beauty, or a tiger into lustre”.

D H Lawrence

7 ways to JOY:
  1. Upon waking each day, take 7 slow,deep breaths to breathe in fresh oxygen and to wake all your cells and neurons. Breathe in trust, breathe out doubt.
  2. Stretch gently like a dog or cat before you get up. Take a few moments to enjoy this waking of your body.
  3. Create a charge on your body by rubbing your arms, legs, torso, tummy, and head. Now gently stroke your arms, legs, torso, tummy, and head. Feel the difference in sensations created.
  4. Gently get up. Stretch again, and do a happy dance. Invite in the new day.
  5. Declare out loud: ‘Hello world, I present my full, potential self.Here I am!’
  6. Look with soft eyes at yourself in the mirror, and say: ‘I love you.I appreciate you. I am proud of you. You rock!”Give yourself a hug. (Yes, even if you are male. No one can see you.)
  7. Sing in the shower or bath or car or bus or train or plane or boat: ‘Everyone is eager and excited to catch the spark that I am creating.’(x 3)
Good things come in 3’s:
  1. Do 3 different things each day. Thus a new thing(could be joining a new group online, trying new food, reading a new book, etc.), something in a new way(could be as simple as changing a routine, getting off on the other side of the bed, taking a shower or bath at a different time, etc.), and surprise someone.
  2. Reflect on 3 people who inspire you.What about them inspire you? Know that those same qualities are within you. Make a decision to consciously choose to embrace these qualities within yourself. Contact these 3 people. Tell them they inspire you. Ask whether they will be willing to communicate with you.
  3. Make the decision to let go of 3 things that hold you back, such as negative thoughts, limiting beliefs about yourself, self-judgment, self-sabotaging behaviour, self-punishment, reactive emotions, a victim mind-set, limiting opinions, fear of success, fear of failure, shame, guilt, etc.Say to yourself out loud: ‘I give myself permission, and I allow myself,and I choose to let go of …………………….. I now let it go on all levels. I am powerful.I am worthy.’
  1. Affirm each day: ‘I am worthy. I choose to show up as my full potential self.’
  2. Ask your full potential self: ‘What can I do differently today?’When feeling insecure, confused, or stuck,ask: ‘What else is possible?’
  3. Self-respect: Say what you mean and mean what you say, with kindness. Be true and kind to yourself. Say no to others when needed. No need to explain or justify.
  4. Self-care: Take at least 30 minutes a day for Me-Time. Do whatever rejuvenates and nourishes you.
  5. Self-love: When a negative thought or emotion arises, about yourself or others,ask: ‘What will I be without this thought or emotion?’And then ask: ‘What thought and feeling is empowering, uplifting and constructive?’
  6. Self-trust: Do one thing you are afraid of. Start with something small.When finding yourself in a challenging situation, ask:‘How can I handle this situation in an empowered, loving and just way?’
  7. Self-acknowledgement: Every evening, before going to bed, look at yourself in the mirror with soft-eyes, and say: ‘Thank you so much for this day. You did great. I love you.Sleep well.



Allow yourself to be enchanted. Simply sit back and relax. Close your eyes, put on your headphones, and enjoy.



Let’s play. Allow your inner child and your inner muse to come and play. Let the word ‘Self-Worth’ come alive. Create Word-Art. Give the letters faces. Use color. Cut out pictures in a magazine or print images. Make your own Self-Worth Dream Board. Expand each aspect of the word in your own way. Share yours with us in our Facebook Group or here in the comments below. Tell us what Self-Worth means to you and how it affects your life.



You are perfectly you. Don’t let any stories and pressures of perfection distract you or make you believe you are not good enough. This magnificent rose represents for us here at the JOY Generation our inner and outer beauty and greatness.


We take so much for granted in the same way we are oblivious to our own, true self and worth. The sun is a life-generator and life-nourisher. It brings light, life and warmth each day. We are the same. We are life itself, how can we then doubt our own worth? Take a moment to breathe in this warmth, light and life into your cells, neurons, and bones. The sun reminds us of our own spark


We begin to blossom when we spend time in Nature. She reminds us of our inner beauty, inner strength and our true Nature. Surround yourself with natural beauty, and inspiring, light-hearted, passionate, open-minded, and positive people.


We do not look up much these days. Go outside and look up. See and envision the endless, wonderful possibilities that lie ahead. Use your imagination. Glance up and doors will open for you. Appreciate and enjoy this moment.


And remember, you are not your thoughts. Like the clouds change form, so do your thoughts change all the time. You choose your thoughts in each moment. Choose them well as they create your reality. Let them go if they do not serve your true, full potential self.



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