We appreciate you dropping in and visiting us here at the Joy Generation World. It is good!

The world can be a harsh place. What to do if life no longer makes any sense? Shall one try figure things out? How to proceed, as surely one cannot just be a spectator and commentator? Don’t get distracted by all that my friend. It will soon become clear.

The gift…

First of all, thank you for the gift that you bring to the world. No matter how you feel about your life and the world, your personal story -which is not disconnected from the cumulative, collective story of humanity -unfolds in numerous ways throughout your life-time.

Each generation brings something new, a special message, and a gift to the world, and as a result creates a new footprint in the sands of time. Humanity’s story thus expands and evolves in magnificent ways and into new directions. Life experiences evolve, perceptions and understanding of how life works expand, many new discoveries are made, and new inventions seem to make life easier.

There is something magical and mysterious present and constant throughout this ever-changing tapestry of life and these incredible heroic journeys across time and space. Yes indeed, it is the wonder of life itself that pulses through all living beings, creatures, and organisms.

Co-habiting the planet of plenty, choice and free will, Earthlings can express, experience, co-create with, weave, and direct this life-force in unique and infinite ways. The wonder of being human and Nature itself reflects the extravagant, benevolent, generous, and abundant nature of Creation.

The promise

Joy is the birth right of all. Yes, yours too. It is a universal language that is understood by every human. A state of being, and not an emotion such as happiness or sadness, it reminds humans of their inherent, interconnected, and abundant true nature and life-force. Indestructible, it represents the indomitable spirit of being human and the wonder of life.

The dilemma

You may ask that how is it then possible that humanity experience so much lack, suffering, struggling, dissonance, conflict, trauma, chaos, drama, separation, polarity, inequality, human atrocities, social injustices, and disregard for other species and the beautiful planet?

The dilemma is fear AND narratives of lack. It is the misconception and illusion that there is not enough for all. This fear distracts, keeps humanity stuck in endless feedback loops of suffering, triggers reactive behaviour, greed, and abuse of power, and robs humanity of experiencing true joy, abundance, and overall well-being.

A new story emerging

No matter how dire things may seem, there is a new story alive and latent within the cells of all human beings, without exception. It patiently awaits to be re-membered, playfully activated, and joyously expressed, and hence is not something to earned, worked hard for, or be accomplished.

In this true story a new connection and relationship with life is cultivated, differences, diversity, and versatility celebrated, new outlooks envisioned (worldview), a new reality dreamed that reflects the true nature of life, a new collective narrative crafted, and a fertile environment established wherein all flourish and thrive.

The Joy Generation

Inspired by such a reality, vision, aspiration, and intention, a new generation is coming together in spontaneous, formal, informal, and professional ways, namely the Joy Generation. This generation consists of people from all walks of life and all ages.

They understand that humans have forgotten about their inherent Joy Gene and this new story that is latent in their cells and DNA. The Joy Generation finds joy in reminding humanity of a possibility-, love-, abundance-, fulfilment-, joyful-, and flourishing-based reality for all.

Bringing joy back into all aspects of life, the world, workplace, communities, relations, creations, actions, and interactions, they do this by generating joy wherever they go, with whoever they are, and into whatever they intent, feel, think, envision, say, create, do, and share. Yet that is not it.

The Joy Rendezvous

The Joy Generation is quite adventurous, forever curious, creative, bold, and playful, especially when it comes to face the facts and live beyond them. They love to rendezvous, go beyond the normal, bring people together, sensemake, and co-create.

My unfolding pages are the playground where these pioneering, joy spirits share the true stories, narratives, insights, discoveries, and experiences emerging and unfolding during their discovery and sensemaking journeys across the globe. All voices, perspectives, insights, and experiences matter in co-sensing, co-envisioning, and co-creating this flourishing reality. No one is left out or stays behind.

In this way you Earthlings spontaneously co-weave an inclusive, interconnected, collective story together and co-craft a new world picture that has personal value, practical application, symbolic meaning for humanity, and global impact.

You are invited to visit my forthcoming chapters to visually experience this multifaceted and multidimensional unfolding world picture and collective story taking shape. You and yours are heartily invited to join and participate in these Joy Rendezvous journeys. Are you not excited and curious to see what will emerge through this process?

The Joy Moments Wave

The Joy Generators is a curious bunch and affectionately want to ask a few questions before you proceed to chapter one.

Are you a Joy Generator by heart?

Are you ready to release the struggle?

Do you resonate with a vision, aspiration, and intention to co-create a possibility-, love-, abundance-, fulfilment-, joyful-, and flourishing-based reality for all?

Would you like to co-create, contribute to, hold, or support such a reality in any way?

Do you want to explore the possibility of you, your loved ones, friends, groups, networks, ecosystems, communities, teams, companies, organizations, or institutions participating and collaborating in discovery journeys (virtual and in-person) to cultivate a new connection and relationship with life, envision a new outlook (worldview), craft a new narrative, and establish an environment that reflects the true nature of life, wherein all can flourish and thrive? There are many ways to participate, contribute, co-create, and benefit.

Are you excited and ready to embark on such discovery journeys?

Would you like to explore how to bring joy back into all the aspects of your life, relationships, career, business, organization, teams, projects, initiatives, programs, networks, ecosystems, communities, and environments?

Would you like to explore how embodied sensemaking and creative thinking can catalyse breakthroughs and shifts, and cultivate flourishing environments?

Would you like to become a Friend of the Joy Generation?

Do you have a Joy Generation story to share?

You are more welcome to reach out here if your response is positive to any of the above.

Trusted inherent companions

Wise explorers and travellers prepare before they embark on their journeys. Fully capacitated to make positive meaning of events, to sense into the environment, respond in empowered, aware, and prepared ways to the unexpected, disruptions, and rapid change, to navigate shifting paradigms, to align yourselves with emerging trends and patterns, to harness opportunities arising, and to stay focused and in flow whilst actualizing your visions, dreams, intentions, goals, and objectives, the Joy Generation travels lightly. You may wonder how this is possible.

Coming back to basics, thus the wonder of being human, they engage their inherent sensibilities and intelligences, as well as their receptive, creative, and integrative abilities. In this way they consciously partner with the collective intelligence and wisdom, and apply their creative genius to co-envision, co-weave, and co-create this new narrative and world picture. Their trusted companions through these discovery journeys are their inherent Sensibilities, Intelligences, Sensemaking, Senseshifting, and Creative and Embodied Thinking abilities and muscles.

They are able to exercise these muscles in many ways and access more resources in my Wisdom Treasure Chest. Our resident Storyteller will share more about these in forthcoming chapters.

It is good!

Thank you for allowing yourself to be inspired, enchanted, uplifted, comforted, stimulated, nourished, and encouraged by this unfolding Joy Generation Story and Narrative. As your guide and storyteller, I am eager to indulge your kind attention, captivate your hearts, stimulate your comprehension, and to ease all the tension.

I wonder what will happen next?

Beyond these words and the text?

Stay tuned and follow the flow,

It is time to step up and go!

See you soon,

Greetings from the Joy Platoon!