Our Story

Welcome to our JOY Nest. Hoyo Hoyo as we say in Africa.

My name is Hannelie which means grace and I am named after a famous opera singer. It gives me great joy to create and share experiences that brings about joy and that have personal and global impact. These experiences and adventures remind people of their joy-g spot, their goodness, greatness and genius, as that brings about much joy and activates our joy gene. I love nature, adventure, dancing, writing, playing, creating, travelling, telling stories, entertaining, making love and being alive at this time.

Through the years people called me many things amongst others, a joy-espouse, human-whisperer, awareness catalyst, joy and creative catalyst, joy-maker, creator, artist, poet, verser, author, public speaker, radio-host, narrator, musage, muse, inspreneur, sensemaker, philosopher, transformation guide, embodied change facilitator, visionary, innovation strategist, teacher, healer, leader, lover, mother, playmate, and friend.

However, these are simply roles and ways to express my soul and inner genius. It is more important for me to share some of my story and why am passionate about human potential and embodied whole person joyful living.

My love for Human Potential began at the very young age of 5 when I wanted to go to school. Curious, I wanted to discover what this world and life was all about. Sadly, our school system at the time did not allow that as my birthday was after June, so I had to wait a year. This was my first personal traumatic experience of the oppression of Being and Human Potential and hence I understand the impact of that on a very deep and intimate level on a human life. And likewise the knowing that no one can destroy your genius; even if they misunderstand it or try to delay or suppress it. It is indestructible and most beautiful. The universe has a funny sense of humour, as 3 years later, my sister and I started something astonishing, which still boggles my mind as no one instructed us to do this or how to do this. We started to guide my little brother who is 5 years younger than me after school in very creative ways in the ‘home school’ we created. And yes, I do not use the word teaching for several reasons which will become evident when you join our Joy Rides and Joy Experiences. Looking back today I realize that we were catalysing and stimulating his genius when he was still very young. And this young man, indeed lives his genius ever since. That was my first real experience as a potential and creative catalyst. How much fun we had I cannot share in a few words. We did crazy and interesting things and did not even realise at the time that we were in fact bricolaging. You will soon discover all about the wonders of many creative techniques of which bricolaging is but one.

What gave me the most joy when I was a little girl was to dance and perform on tables, which at the time my parents did not encourage. Furthermore, in a traditional academic school, we were not given the opportunity to activate and stimulate our creative abilities, and our creative writing was ridiculed. I had to wait to leave school to really pursue these loves of mine. When you join some of our joy experiences you will notice how I now play with all these; being the catalyst, guide, dancer, narrator, creator and the entertainer. It is much fun and makes me come alive.

During my own learning experience I noticed something incredible; that we do not all perceive and internalize information in the same way and that the education system and teachers seemed completely oblivious to this. It really made me feel very angry when teachers labelled children who were not efficient in using their left brain abilities, as dumb or slow. It was as if they were blind to the inner genius of so many children and I was witness to how little souls were crushed. Their way of perceiving and their potential was simply not understood, recognised and nurtured, and their energy not directed in a meaningful way.  Gladly, education and learning methods have evolved since.

I also discovered I did not have to study so hard and that learning and studying is two different things. At the time it became clear I was using other sensibilities to take in information and to interpret and comprehend it. In hind sight, I was fully present and available in class; thus I was able to pay full attention and enact more of my sensibilities, that in turn enabled me to experience the bigger context, and to absorb, internalize, contextualise, conceptualise, integrate and direct knowledge, as well as some unintelligible knowledge, in a different way. Hence, I did not the need to ‘study’ so hard and could be more relaxed. It was a more embodied, whole person experience and not only a mental experience.

These sensibilities were not learned from a book, my parents, friends, peers or teachers. It was as if something inside me was switched on and whilst tutoring some of my friends, I realized it must simple be switched on, this thing, whatever it was and it had nothing to do with learning as such. I even at the time knew and declared that I will not be a good teacher, as in the way that teaching was done and sadly still is today in so many environments. Catalysing, nurturing, facilitating and guiding is very different from traditional teaching. And we are in fact both in every single moment; the catalyst as well as the learner, who we prefer to label the discoverer.

Was I so ‘clever and gifted’? I would not frame it as that. We are all born gifted; our genius must simply be recognised, activated, nurtured, stimulated and strengthened through discovery and playful processes and our life experiences, and be given an authentic, limitless and generative opportunity to be expressed and directed.

I did not choose the academic route as at university once again I personally experienced the oppression of genius, and soon found myself in the business world. This was an amazing place to see and understand how human potential keeps being suppressed, dismissed, and overlooked, as it was completely misunderstood, which results in many unhappy people in the workplace. Here I also discovered that being learned and being gifted is two different things, and that no matter what education or academic qualifications you have, that some people simply did not blossom and lived their potential and that the workplace was not a creative and generative environment where you could use all your sensibilities to make a contribution to our beautiful world and to actualise your potential.  I was told many times I am too clever for a job. Now that was bad, yet it sparked my insatiable desire and passion to discover the missing links, and today I am very grateful, because it was the birthing grounds for the JOY Rendezvous.

It gives me much joy and I am grateful to be in the position to share some of my sensibilities such as my level of connectedness, the ability to make connections between non-related aspects, the ability sense into the collective intelligence and wisdom, the ability to sensemake, the ability to perceive the underlying patterns and hidden connections in life, and my creative abilities, in a meaningful way to contribute to joyful experiences of life, the wellbeing of humanity, Life and this beautiful planet, and to transform any forms of oppression of Being and Human Potential into Joy. It is our level of self-awareness, self-knowledge, awareness of and connection to others, the world, and possibilities, that makes the world a wondrous place, and allows us to co-create meaningful, aware and joyful experiences and to create impact no matter what we do or where we find ourselves. It is all about JOY, which emerges when we begin to embody, express, direct and live our true genius and potential, and when we begin to recognise and relate to it in others.  The real fun starts with the reunion of sparks, thus when genius plays and creates and generates together with other genius.

I am looking forward, yes into all directions, to share Joy and to engage, sensemake, play, create and explore together with you.  We are going to turn things upside down, inside out, back to front.

My Joy Exploration Landscape

Curious and an avid discoverer, I explored and studied many modalities such as The Total Human (Whole Person Living), Human Potential, our awareness ( the way we perceive, conceive, are receptive, responsiveness, attentiveness and so on), consciousness, energy, creativity, innovation, movement, dancing, writing, embodied change facilitation, embodied learning, collective sensemaking, personality profiling, integral, energy and development psychology, spiral dynamics, social and personal development, dream journeying, breath work, meditation, creative writing, expressive, creative and embodied change and coaching. I had numerous peak experiences, personal growth and shifts in awareness myself. One of the major discoveries was that awareness becomes before development. I will share more about this discovery in a podcast with practical examples.

I created and shared many different experiences, workshops, programs and initiates and published several books and papers. You are welcome to read more about this and my own journey on my personal website at www.hannelievenucia.com

Our Joy Exploration Landscape

We play many roles in life and in each moment, not just one. As awareness, potential and joy catalysts and guides, here at the JOY Generation, we share prolific learning and discovery experiences where you are able to ignite, stimulate, nurture and strengthen your inner genius, creative potential, social skills, emotional intelligence and explore embodied decision making, processing and participatory processes, navigation and orientation skills, creative, quantum, symbolic, critical and associative thinking, and essential and appreciative inquiry, which all assist in critical problem solving, creativity and innovation, and moreover in an embodied, whole person, meaningful, fulfilled, joyful and abundant experience of life.

During our Sensemaking and Embodied, Whole Person, Discovery Experiences and JOY Adventures, the processes are skilfully designed to utilize and integrate modalities such as Critical, Collective and Reflexive Inquiry; Appreciative Inquiry, Essential Inquiry, LIFE, Creative Questioning, Neuropsychology, Positive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Integral Psychology, Energy Psychology, Spiral Dynamics, NLP, EFT, Artistic and Playful Expression, Creative Process, BMSH Connection, Advanced Human Potential Techniques, Collective Intelligence, Collective Sensemaking, Integrative, Embodiment and Totality Techniques, Embodied Design, Guided Visualization, Ideedledooing, Aesthetic Awareness, Sensemaking, Deep Play, Creative, Embodied, Independent, Quantum, Symbolic, and Associative Thinking, Sensory Perception, Sensory Apprehension, Extrasensory Perception, Intuition and Imagination.

Coming soon: More about our other JOY Generators.