JOYCasts – Your World or Mine?

As Universal Citizens who are well travelled, interested and who care,
We have learned on our journeys to first listen to what others share,
As that sets the tone, ambiance, context and arrangement,
For all sorts of delightful congeniality and engagement.

We have been so excited to co-originate and co-create such a magnificent start,
as the wisdom, insights, and experiences of Earthlings are off the universal charts.
How amazing to experience such openness, kindness, enthusiasm, hospitality and generosity?
These JOYCasts, not only cast more joy upon your world, it also erase all possible animosity.

We would love to hear about your world and what you have to say,
Your experiences and insights are as precious as each new day.
Sharing is caring, might sound like a cliché,
We will prove that wrong; it is for sure a joy gateway.

Another perspective and other possibilities await around every corner,
No one needs to feel like an alien or unappreciated foreigner.
We realize there is always another way to look at things,
Which has the possibility to improve our lives and give us wings.

There is a fun surprise waiting here,
All good and nothing to fear,
It will soon all be clear,
And put you in good cheer!