The JOY Parade

I absolutely love the word “nowness”… it is embryonic, prolific and full of potential.

Another one is my “whereness”… when people ask where I am from it makes me smile, I am from this Earth and simultaneously from the entire Universe. I chose to enter this world in a town and country, a choice I only begin to understand now.

Yet another is “bewilderment”… which a wise one once said we should embrace and let go of all our cleverness…This one excites me as it demonstrates the wondrous self-discovery journeys of the JOY Generation…we have been domesticated… we have traded our true nature for what we perceive as cleverness…all that glitters is not gold…you might just land in a golden cage and will be very unhappy and frustrated…

These 3 magical words will give you an idea of what the JOY Generation is about; yes we transform the world through JOY. And for us JOY Generators and JOY Casters, JOY is a state of being and not a fleeting emotion such as happiness and sadness.

Navigating the JOY Generation World

Our “nowness” is our ability to tap into infinite possibilities that the present moment so generously gift us with and our ability to direct our passion purposefully, in a meaningful, fulfilling, joyful and abundant way. We begin to realize that we can choose what type of experience we want to create and contribute to, by using our self-awareness, and inborn talents, intelligences, and sensibilities. We need a prolific space to do this from; hence the JOY Planet. This is where you are now. Here JOY Casters from across the globe, regardless of age, status, position, education, role or environment, during our JOY Cast Podcasts, share their perspectives, experiences, wisdom and insights of what it is like to be alive right now. In this way we transcend stereotyping such as cultural, gender, relational and generational differences. Human to Human, irrespective of our preferences. Each human has a unique gift and special message to share with the world. Here we get the opportunity to expand and enrich our own perceptions, to receive inspiration and encouragement, and to discover that we have many options to choose from. We can easily get stuck and trapped in circumstances and our own perceptions. During our JOY Panorama Interactive, Multisensory, Embodied, Multimedia Experiences we get the opportunity to explore interesting phenomena and concepts, which directly impacts our experience of life and our ability to thrive and not only survive. Going back to the cleverness part, even with all the information available, humanity seems to struggle to find solutions to so many socio, generational, economic, ecological and geopolitical dilemmas? Furthermore, humans still treat each other poorly, even with all our wondrous technological, scientific and communication advances. The way we relate and engage is not at all so sophisticated than we think. In our JOYSense Sensemaking Experiences we get the opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom and intelligence as we are clearly not so clever than we believe we are. It is a wondrous way to bypass our own wounded parts and limiting perceptual and psychological lenses. From here we can now co-create informed, relevant, aligned, synchronised and meaningful context, and use our creative and embodiment abilities to bring these realities into being.

So we co-create new realities for the greater good of all. What now? This is where our ‘bewilderment’ comes in. We do not learn about our abilities to co-sense, co-envision, co-generate and co-embody such realities at school or at university or during our professional lives. During our self-discovery adventures we get to cultivate these abilities whilst having plenty opportunities to create our own livelihoods, meeting peers across the globe and participating in impact projects and much more. We let go of our domestication through expanding our limiting lenses by engaging and exploring and sharing in ways that bring much fulfilment and joy. No text books, training manuals and PowerPoints, it is through direct personal experiences that we get to awaken, stimulate, nourish, strengthen and enrich our inherent discovery, receptive, processing, participatory, conceptual, contextual, creative and generative abilities. And as we do so we get the opportunity to express and share it in meaningful and impactful ways. SWING, an online self-discovery journey, enables us to explore our self-awareness, self-presencing, self-generating, self-organising, self-adapting, self-adequacy, self-directing, self-determination and self-regulating abilities; most precious to any entrepreneur, student preparing for the next phase of their lives, and for those who want to change careers. For those who truly want to tap into their bewilderment, you can join our Wheel of Fortune Hybrid Experiences across the globe, consisting of weekend adventures and online explorations. If you are unsure what direction to go into, how to put your passion into action, want to discover your own genius, want to change careers, want to awaken and foster your creative, conceptual, contextual, and receptive abilities, looking for meaning and clarity, and/or want to approach and respond to the world and opportunities in a more empowered and prepared way, Wheel of Fortune adventures are for you. Getting so inspired you want to share your talents and inborn gifts with the world? Then our Gap Year Adventure, the JOY Rendezvous is for you. This multifaceted journey around the world is incredible to say the least; combining it all. You have impact and generate JOY and abundance from day one. And the adventure will be the Time of your Life as your self-discovery journey is the core of meaningful and joyful external activities along the way. You meet amazing people and peers along the way, visit the most astonishing and beautiful places on earth, work together with the local communities and businesses, getting to share your talents and gifts right there as we co-create interesting apps and other goodies that will transform the world as we know it, and so much more. All the while having the opportunity to generate abundance for ourselves as we go along. You discover the wonders of manifestation and impact. And no matter which JOY Ride you participate in, you immediately have access to all the other JOY Generators across the globe so you can cross-pollinate and share ideas, insights and experiences, receive support and encouragement and weave your own meaningful netweb.

You discover your ‘bewilderment’ and then what? Our “whereness” awaits; our JOY Festival – our members only area – your home no matter where you are and where you decide to spend time or settle down. We do not want this natural wildness of you to be domesticated again. You have access to a digital playground and learning and engagement and sharing platform, where you can interact, engage, share, participate and contribute to make this world a better place. Here you can showcase and share you and your ideas, talents, creations and contributions on JOYShow. Going alone at it is not wise, but how to find others that are like-minded and like-hearted, and who have similar passions and aspirations? JOYPod is such a space. You join in learning journeys, share ideas, and are able to cultivate meaningful relationships and explore opportunities to co-create, and then what? You need somewhere to purposefully share and exchange your gifts, talents and creations with the world, expand your horizon and get involved in meaningful, fulfilling impact initiatives and join relevant, nourishing, stimulating and supportive ecosystems, makerspaces, co-working spaces, impact and innovation hubs. JOYGround is your playground. The best kept secret of it all hides here. Here you are a true pioneer as we share a circular economy with the world and demonstrate how it works; for the greatest good of all with no harm to anyone or anything or our beautiful planet and her creatures.

The golden thread that binds it all together is JOY. Your natural state of being – pure ecstasy with no help from external substances – with no restrictions to be who you are, do what you love doing, and no limitations to share your beautiful and wonderful contributions with the world.

Curious about our JOY Rides, SWING, Wheel of Fortune and the JOY Rendezvous? Join our JOYSense Happy Hour events across the globe and visit our Embodied Wisdom and Adventure JOY Generation Portal for news relating to our JOY Rides and the JOY Festival.

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