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Sharing Corn Book

Sharing Corn – Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal – Volume 2 – Constructing and Embodying new Models of Understanding

Humanity has an opportunity to explore other possibilities and a ground-breaking new way of being after a period of turmoil, disruption, chaos, and restriction. This new way of being impacts all the aspects of our lives, how we relate, organize, choose, create, share, exchange, act, and interact. The new decade heralds the dawn of something new. Our leadership and self-leadership awareness and models of understanding, both cognitive and somatic, will determine how we meet, navigate, harness, and contribute to this new era. This is virgin land, as our experiential landscapes have dramatically and unexpectedly transformed in many ways.

In volume 2 the focus is thus on self-leadership awareness, as it impacts all aspects of leadership, regardless the context or environment. Together, we will explore new ways of being and contentious aspects that impact the well-being of humanity and our magnificent planet, such as equality, social justice, planetary awareness, and education. The title holding gems and potency of sharing, awareness, and understanding in the context of leadership and self-leadership, and our creative potential to construct new models of understanding, volume two includes embodiment, the feminine aspect of leadership and self-leadership. Thus the conceptual and experiential fuse and unfold in spirals of manifestation. Practices to activate, stimulate, and strengthen our Awareness Literacy, whether personal or organizational, and to soften the edges of change and navigate transitions with more flair, makes this journal one of a kind.

As the well-being of humanity and our beautiful planet is at stake, it is important to share wisdom and insights from a variety of vantage points and in different contexts, hence the inclusion of 10 contributions of wise men and women from across the globe, in volume 2. Contributors – Ben Roberts, Prof. Piero Formica, Leila Pais de Miranda, Fabian Szulanski, Lee Newitt, Suzanne Jones, Adriaan Groenewald, Heidi Hornlein, Glenn Behenna, and Emmanuel Emielu.

Softening the edges of Change Workshop

Change is a fear strategy. Fear sub-consciously drives control, resistance, and suspicion, which impacts how leaders, organizations, communities, and individuals approach change initiatives, embrace emerging paradigms, and navigate the unexpected. In this interactive downloadable 4 hour workshop, we explore how to harness and transform this fear on 4 different levels, how it impacts the Future of Organizational Change and Social Change Initiatives, how to introduce the new in a ‘change from the inside-out’ manner, and which practices and vocabulary are supportive during 21st century Organisational and Social Change initiatives. Access it here:


Love Hour

Join the Love Wave Online via Zoom, as together, we:
Choose Love over fear;
Reconnect with the power of Love and the Wonder of Life itself;
Allow ourselves to be nourished, stimulated, inspired, and supported; and
Co-create a global Love Wave.

The Greatness Experience

The current world events do not only affect our physical well-being, but also our emotional and mental wellbeing. Post Traumatic Stress affects all the aspects of our lives, our sense of self, sense of connection, vitality, relationships, careers, actions and interactions. In order to bring balance back into our lives, especially when we struggle with depression, loneliness, anxiety, uncertainty, despair, hopelessness, worries, loss, fear, disappointment, and self-worth issues, it is nourishing and empowering to be reminded of our own Greatness.  Take control back over your life and claim back your power from external events and circumstances by engaging in a guided, interactive Greatness Self-Care Workshop, consisting of 3 videos of an hour each, which will enable you to reconnect to your innate Greatness, and to experience it physically, thus somatic, sensory, and viscerally, as well as mentally, thus cerebrally and cognitively, and emotionally, thus felt, appreciated, and cherished. Access it here:


Sharing Corn (Insights, Ideas, and Wisdom)

Together, we explore, construct, experiment, and embody new ways of being, relating, co-creating, working together, making positive meaning, and exchanging , and new models of understanding. In this way we expand our perception, engage with more understanding, and improve our awareness literacy.

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Prof. Piero Formica, a valued Joy Generation Council Member, from the Maynooth University, Ireland, has published his latest book, Econaissance – The Reimagined School and the Culture of Entrepreneurialism. Discover what Econaissance is about and why it is so important now, as Hannelie meets with Piero to explore. Visit our Youtube Channel to watch the interview, and get your copy of his latest book:

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