What is Change a Fear Strategy?

I cannot help but remember when I was a child, how fear emerged when we received an important news bulletin on the radio, which was not part of the general schedule. This was long before the coming of television to our country. The messages were usually related to something bad happening and would make you feel paralysed. How humans natural respond to external requests for change poses a much bigger threat than our problems. Behaviour does not change, no matter how much awareness we raise, how many threats are shared, and how much coercion, shaming and blaming go around.

Why would that be? Surely humanity is not that irresponsible and thoughtless? Why would we consciously destroy our home and the source of our nourishment, and each other? Why are these heart-felt and sincere requests for change not effective?

Thank you. This is for me.

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The reasons for change are plenty, so no excuse there. Excess and consumerism, inequality and unemployment, hunger and poverty, discrimination based on age, gender, race, culture, religion, status, wealth, generation, and preferences, wars causing migration and human rights dilemmas, carbon footprint and climate change, unkind immigration policies, extinction of species, and the decline in natural resources, all calling humanity to change our behaviour, to live with more awareness and to wake up to what we are doing to our beautiful planet and her magnificent creatures and organisms, and each other. Unfortunately these calls for change are mostly fear, lack and needs based, and cause panic, blaming, shaming, judging, down-spiral talk, and resistance.  Instead of unifying humanity we now discovered yet another reason to cause more division, as some are right and others wrong, some good and others bad, and some acting appropriate and others not.


We always start from a place of curiosity and wonder,
and explore possibility

In ‘Change a Fear Strategy’ we explore and look at:

  • What change means in terms of being human
  • What exactly are we asking to change
  • What causes resistance, suspicion and denial
  • Why is change a fear strategy
  • Why fear-based strategies do not work
  • Why change imposed externally is not effective and lasting
  • How can we initiate and inspire change from the inside out
  • Why is an inner revolution needed before an outer revolution
  • Why can we not focus on the problem and seek a solution at the same time
  • What possibility strategies can have a notable impact on our many socio-economic-eco-cultural-political dilemmas
  • How to introduce the new
  • How can we transform ignorance, indifference, greed and sloth
  • How to gently navigate any life-changing transitions
  • What approaches can we follow to reach more humans and to articulate calls and messages of change
  • What vocabulary can leaders, changemakers, catalysts, pioneers, and activist use to communicate more effectively and with more impact
  • How we subconsciously sabotage our change initiatives and efforts when we share incongruent messages and personal contradictory behaviour
  • How to speak to the hearts of people and to bypass the filters of the mind
  • Sensory simulation of what it is about so we can decide for ourselves
  • Embodiment experimentation so we can further explore and integrate into our personal, every day, real life situations

Who will benefit from this vibrant exploration and embodied experimentation?

All of Humanity

Changemakers, catalysts, revolutionaries, and activists

Social artists

System designers

Leaders and organizations

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Graduates and school leavers

Inventors and Innovators

Teams and groups

Coaches, guides and mentors

Teachers and learners (students)

Parents and children

Newly weds and to-be-parents

Anyone who fears change

Anyone who is involved in transformation and change initiatives

Anyone who is involved in evolutionary activities

Anyone who is busy improving life for others

Anyone who needs to introduce something new to the world, into their community, organisation, group, partnerships, or family

Anyone who is involved in ecological, economic, geopolitical, social and humanitarian initiatives

Anyone who is involved in organisational change

Anyone who is involved in system design and change leadership

Anyone who wants to repurpose their change message and explore new ways of articulating and sharing their messages and calls for change with the world

Anyone who experiences trauma because of externally imposed change

Anyone who experiences any type of oppression, discrimination, abuse or neglect

Anyone who struggles with transitions imposed on them

Anyone who experiences discrimination relating to their generation and/or age

Anyone who does not know what to do next

Anyone who wants to break out of destructive patterns or patterns no longer serving them

Anyone who wants to explore new ways of being, thinking, feeling, relating, engaging, speaking creating, acting and interacting

Anyone who wants to contribute to new paradigms, worldviews and models of understanding

Anyone who wants to thrive in times of change

Anyone who wants to make a difference in the world

Anyone who is passionate about life and wants to inspire and guide others

Anyone on a personal growth and development journey

And so many more…

Are you ready to take the leap?

Available at: $60

Our payment gateway is South African, and as a result the currency of this workshop will show in South African Rands when adding to the cart. The approximate currency conversion to US$ is $60.

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In our JOY Panorama Explorations, together, we explore concepts, paradigms, and phenomena that directly impact our experience of life and the total well-being of all humans, organisations, structures, the planet, and all her wondrous creatures and organisms?

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The nature of this experience, practices, techniques and subsequent awareness, vitality, health, growth and empowerment, is worth more than $750.00.

Yet, we understand that our perceptions and mind-sets create our experience and that we experience life through our senses. Our perceptions and mind-sets impact not only our own lives, but also that of Humanity, our beautiful Planet and all her creatures and organisms. It impacts all the aspects of our lives, how we think and feel about ourselves, how we think and feel about others and the world, life and possibilities, how we intend, relate, engage, create, make, share, contribute, act, interact, approach, respond to and do life. It is our aspiration to therefor introduce these perspectives to as many humans as possible and for that purpose made it available at $60.

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‘I do not fear storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.’ Louisa May Alcott