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Participation Zone – JOYWise Collective Membership Area

The JOYWise Collective is where you have access to abundant support, resources, and incredible connections, to relax, feel safe, and live the joyous life you desire. One shoe does not fit all. Stay connected and fall in love with life again. Many surprises such as Home Play, mysterious Field of Dreams Excursions, and other adventures complements our Playspace, Monthly Online Salons, Ecosystem, and Whatsup Group Activities.  Discover the wonder of being part of an organic, interconnected, abundance web and how you can effortlessly be an ambassador for joy in the world.

Free Zone - Open Space

Open Space, For a Moment Joy, is our complimentary option where you can experience a taste of the JOYWise, with access to videos, audios, visuals, affirmations, and more…


Budding potential

A blossom follows the sun because its warmth and light nurtures the flower and infuses it with energy. We are like flowers and full of potential, yet, we require loving care and attention to grow, develop, and bloom.

What is the sun in your life? What nurtures and stimulates and helps you thrive?

What would you do if you knew you have all the support you need?

You found us. Welcome to our JOYWise Collective. Here you have access to abundant support and resources, and incredible connections.

Hoyo Hoyo as we say here in Africa.

Here at JOYWise you get the opportunity to:

  • expand your perception, experience, and understanding with creative and independent thinking techniques and tools;
  • discover your own truths by igniting, nourishing, stimulating and strengthening your inborn sensibilities and intelligences;
  • access and share unlimited resources and wisdom relating to our themes and other aspects, ideas, insights and endeavours emerging in the world; and
  • engage directly with other JOYWisers from across the globe in a meaningful and joyful way, and exchange your talents, wisdom, and ideas.

What is included when joining the JOYWise Collective?


JOY Generation PlaySpace

on Slack (Thrivibility App coming soon)


Here we align, expand, and personalise our monthly themes of our Open Space, For a Moment, JOY!

We explore and share across a powerful experiential landscape that impacts our wellbeing and ability to thrive.

Each of these aspects contains practices, tools, techniques, knowledge, articles, stories, and wisdom relating to our monthly themes, so we can focus on the areas in our lives that need attention, pampering, nurturing, stimulation and balance.

Here you can ask questions to get clarity, share your experience of experimenting with these practices, ideas, and tools, share your insights and challenges relating to these aspects in terms of our themes, and share related knowledge and articles, and inspirational stories relating to our themes.

We not only cross-pollinate, encourage, uplift, and inspire others when we freely share; we also heal, strengthen, and enrich our own experience of life.

Tell us what themes you want us to explore that are significant and valuable at this time.

JOY Generation Facebook Ecosystem

Exclusive Facebook Group

Enrich, expand and continue your experience and experimentation by joining, participating, and contributing to our JOY Generation World Facebook Ecosystem.

It is a safe, non-judgmental, joyful, nourishing, stimulating, prolific, and generative space where we share uplifting, expansive, inspirational, meaningful, and related insights, epiphanies, experiences and wisdom.

We meet and engage with amazing joy-centered people from across the globe, who care about all living beings and creatures, our beautiful planet and who would love to explore and share other possibilities.


JOYWise WhatsApp Group

Support a text message away

Our JOYWise WhatsApp Group is here to share beauty and inspiration only.

So much is going on in the world, we need constant reminders of the good, beauty, and potential in life.

The purpose of this group is not to vent or to get free advice, neither is it there to share unsolicited advice or down-spiral talk.

Let’s respect each other’s time, boundaries and privacy.

In the event that you urgently need guidance, you can connect with one of our Friends of the JOY Generation on our Slack Platform.

We suggest you mute your notifications of this group, as this is a global group, and we do not want to wake others in the middle of the night.

JOYWise Online Salon

Once a month gathering on Zoom

Communications and technology allow us to connect and engage with others, no matter where we find ourselves in the world.

A direct engagement is more powerful than simply communicating by text and through comments, as we do not always have all the information relating to a situation or someone’s perspective and experience.

Likewise, in this digital world, who can we trust with our deepest joys and fears?

We receive the opportunity to meet virtually and to share our experiences with other JOYWisers and receive support, inspiration, and encouragement.

3 JOYWisers get the opportunity to showcase their talents, contributions, and life’s work.

Details of these events and registration links – aligned with our monthly themes – are published in our Slack PlaySpace, Facebook Group, and on our Joy Generation Events Calendar.

Only members of our collective and those who registered can attend these gatherings.

Kindly register for these events, as ensure your seat is guaranteed.

To ensure you get optimal value of these gatherings, we host them across different time lines. Thus you will discover that some are convenient for your time-zone and for others you might need to stay up later or wake up earlier. We would propose that you also participate in events not convenient to your time-zone, as you will have the ability to meet new people, learn about their cultures, and broaden your perspectives.


Free Gift

We love gifting and sharing.

You will receive a complimentary copy of our e-bundle Flirting with the here and now.

And that is not all!

You are going to receive a fun, Surprise Online JOY Infusion Encounter, when you least expect it.

Contribution : $111 for a 3 month, all-inclusive, membership

Our payment gateway is South African, and as a result the currency of this workshop with show in South African Rands when adding to the cart. The approximate currency conversion to US$ is $111.

Curious? Look and Feel – reserve your complimentary experiential discovery tour here.

Ready to embrace and receive more joy? Good things come in 3’s. Join for 3 months and begin 2021 on a high.