JOY Adventures

Remember the feeling before you go on an adventure or holiday?

Especially visiting a new place and meeting new people?

The excitement, anticipation, curiosity, a sense of awe and wonder of what and who we will encounter and experience, and perhaps you are a bit nervous and there are butterflies in your tummy too!

The thrill of this feeling creates more curiosity and heighten your senses.

It becomes an unexplainable, intense sensory experience. You become aware of sounds, images, textures, colours, flavours, fragrances, sensations, and feelings that otherwise would escape your attention.

Is this how you feel before and during any learning experience, whether formal or informal?

No need to judge your response, there are no right and wrong ways about this. It is more about what you would love the feel and experience.

Is this how you would love to feel? Excited, invigorated, curious, energised, inspired, and feeling completely connected and alive?

It is all possible! Let’s do a check-in to see how we feel about our learning experiences:


You, your overall well-being, sense of self, and the quality of the experience is at the centre of any discovery and learning journey.

A warm hearty virtual hug and welcome. We are so happy that you discovered the Joy Generation and our Joy Adventures.

Why is generating joy needed now?

The reality is that there are way too many unhappy and unfulfilled people in our world!

What is the Joy Generation?

You may say you know about GenZ, Millenniums, GenY, GenZ, and the Baby Boomers. The truth is, we do not at all like any type of stereotyping. The Joy Generation is for those who want to experience, create, and share joy, no matter their age, gender, culture, education, wealth, status, careers, roles, preferences, race, location, background, etc.

Joy is something that comes from within…

It is not caused or impacted by others or anything outside of us; and most importantly, it is not something we need to earn, work hard for, do, or achieve. Joy is not the same as passing emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, instant feelings of gratification, grief, sorrow, or sadness. It is a state of being we can come back to whenever we need to revitalise ourselves and find our centre.

How can I discover and access this joy?

Sadly, we do not go to school or university or enter the workplace or cultivate professions, to learn about ourselves or to discover joy or feel fulfilled. Yet, being curious, you are already a Joy Generator. Life is an adventure and self-discovery journey.

Joy Journeys

Here at the Joy Generation we get the opportunity to connect to this joy inside of us, have quality whole person, sensory experiences while we explore, inquire, sense, and learn, and to fall in love with life and nature, whilst discovering and connecting to our own true nature and inner genius.

We share fun self-discovery experiences, quests, and journeys to assist us in the process. And yes, the focus is on discovering and experiencing joy! It is fun, exciting, nourishing, stimulating, and encouraging. Most of all, it is not at all stressful, as there are no tests or the need to prove yourself!

It is up to you!

You choose which adventure will bring you joy, and draws, excites, and energises you now.

Stay connected and tuned in

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View JOY Adventures:


This is me! Weekend Virtual Experiential Adventure!

An experience for igniting your Inner Spark, Passion, and Confidence (for young adults)


Wheel of Fortune Hybrid Self-Actualizing Adventure

An experience for living your Best Life and Dream (for adults)


GLIDE – Entrepreneurial Discovery Journey

An experience for abundant, balanced, and fulfilling Lifestyles (for entrepreneurs)


Trusting Life Workshop Series

An experience for confidence, resilience, and peace of mind-heart-body during Challenging Times (for adults)


DISA Playshops for Kids

An experience for sensory, whole person, fun Discovery Experiences (for kids)


LIA (Learn and Intuit Learning Journeys) Workshops for Students and Learners

An experience for energising and embodied Learning Experiences (for students)


LIA (Live and Innovate with Awareness) Workshops Series for You and Me

An experience for Conscious Innovation and Living (for adults)

This is me! Weekend Virtual Experiential Adventure!



Get a whiff! Get a taste! Try it out!

How does this feel to you?

“I am enjoying and treasuring this amazing ride of life. I thrive! I am excited and grateful for being alive! I am curious about what will happen next!”


“A joyful, abundant, meaningful, fulfilling, self-reliable, self-sufficient, self-creating, and impactful livelihood and experiences –  where I can freely express my soul and share my talents, ideas, discoveries, insights, creations, and contributions with the world in ways that give me joy – is my birth right. I choose this now!”

What if this is all possible?

There is a Joy Spark waiting inside all of us to be ignited through which such a life is possible. It lights up every aspect of our lives and everyone and everything around us! A joyful, meaningful, abundant, and fulfilling life awaits! We were born to shine, no matter our external circumstances. No to struggling! No to suffering! Choose joy Now!

In this adventure we:

  • go on a date with our Joy Spark
  • discover the dimensions of our Joy Adventure
  • explore what impacts our Joy Factor
  • experience the Power of Joy in 3 way

Why is this a great choice?

It enables me to:

  • feel my Joy Spark and to show up confident, vibrant, and full of vitality in the world
  • connect to and engage with others in a calm, relaxed, joyful, and assured way
  • approach, see and experience life in a new and inspired way
  • respond to situations and opportunities with curiosity and clarity
  • energise all my ideas, dreams, and activities with my Joy Spark
  • discover what holds me back
  • and much more!

Wheel of Fortune Hybrid Adventure

Want more? Feeling adventurous?

Take a hike! The biggest gift you can give yourself!

This is a deep dive, all around, self-discovery multi-media and live exploration, at your own pace with group engagement, live personal coaching, real time application opportunities, integration practices, and much more. You are able to join this adventure without disrupting other activities in your life or you can enrol on a full-time basis. One shoe does not fit all. We design your journey according to your specific needs and circumstances.


In this adventure we go all the way:

You discover and experience what makes you uniquely you

You explore all the aspects and wonders of your:

  • self-awareness
  • self-knowledge
  • inborn powers
  • esteemed intelligences
  • discovery abilities
  • processing abilities
  • participatory abilities
  • creative abilities
  • manifestation abilities

You get to experiment in a practical, meaningful, and fun way with:

  • engagement maps
  • models of understanding
  • models of exchange
  • models of operation

Why is the Wheel of Fortune Adventure a must for all young adults?

Adult personal development and self-discovery is key to our overall wellbeing, regardless of our age, circumstances, or world conditions. Our daily choices determine the quality of our experiences.

A healthy sense of self, others, the world, possibilities, and life are needed to enable us to make conscious, alive, healthy, enjoyable, balanced, life-giving, life-enhancing, life-generating, and life-sustaining choices. Life is forever moving and changing. Burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, and fear-based diseases rob way too many of a joyous, abundant, and fulfilled life, and claim way too many young and older lives.

*Upon completion you receive Global Peer Recognition, Personal Tribute (same as graduation), and a Contribution to a better World Endorsement.

GLIDE – Entrepreneurial Discovery Journey


What now?

Flow freely! Chart your Life!

We can no longer depend on others to provide us a cosy job. We need to take care of our own wellbeing on all levels, be self-reliant and self- sufficient, cultivate nourishing and meaningful relationships, think creatively to create our own livelihoods, live consciously, share our talents, creations, and contributions with the world in a joyful and abundant way, and continuously expand our perception and learn new skills, so we can thrive in an ever changing world.

In this 18 week virtual immersion, we discover to glide through life and explore:

  • i have a great idea for a business, yet, where do I start?
  • what do I do with what I discovered?
  • how do I make this happen?
  • how do I share it in a meaningful way?
  • will it work?
  • how do I externalise/monetize my contribution?
  • how do I stay focused and in flow?
  • how do I stay energised, self-motivated and inspired?
  • how do I know what choices to make?

Why is this a wise choice, especially if you are a school leaver, graduate or aspiring entrepreneur or an entrepreneur or want to change careers?

You get to ignite, stimulate, nourish, strengthen, experiment and practice with inborn abilities and skills we need to thrive in the 21st century, such as your:

  • present moment awareness
  • creative thinking abilities
  • self-organising abilities
  • self-generating abilities
  • self-presencing abilities
  • self-efficacy abilities
  • self-adjusting abilities
  • self-directing abilities
  • self-regulating abilities
  • self-determination abilities

Trusting Life Workshop Series

What about me?

Whatsup Buttercup? Get a grip!

With so much going on in the world it can be challenging to stay positive and to trust life. It is easy to give up, feel disconnected, misunderstood, overwhelmed, insecure, uncertain, fearful, depressed, anxious, and worried.


In this virtual workshop series, we are invited to:

  • trust self and life
  • trust others and the world
  • trust what we create and choose
  • trust our actions and interactions

Why is this workshop series significant now?

We get the opportunity to break self-sabotaging and traumatic patterns in our lives. We are able to choose love above fear in each moment, as we take care of our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We are able to stay connected to our life-force, be grounded and centred, let go of what no longer works and serves us, energise ourselves and all aspects of our lives, bring our ideas into form, manifest and actualise our desires, intentions, and dreams, and to navigate whatever shows up in our lives with curiosity, each, joy and grace.

DISA Playshops for Kids


What about our little ones?

Knock Knock! Who is there?

It must be frightening to grow up in this world. Who and what to trust? We have been conditioned to perceive and discover the world through the limiting eyes and filters, and sometimes outdated frames of references of others. A healthy sense of self and our inborn sensibilities have never been so important than right now.

In our DISA Virtual Playshops children get the opportunity to discover, intuit, and sense with awareness, which contribute to:

  • embodied, self-directed, relational, whole person, whole system learning and discovery experiences
  • their sense of self and others
  • their attentiveness and responsiveness
  • how they relate, approach, and respond to life
  • how they perceive, take in, absorb, internalize, interpret, conceptualise, contextualise, digest/process, integrate, and assimilate information and experiences
  • how safe they feel with self, others, the world, their ability to think and create independently, and their choices, actions and interactions
  • channel their energy in a self-inspired and focused way
  • and complements their formal learning, discovery, and integration processes

Why are the DISA Playshops so phenomenal?

Children’s overall wellbeing should be a priority. They are our future. The DISA Playshops provide the opportunity to children – in an embodied, connected, playful, meaningful, stressless, and fun way – to ignite, explore, stimulate, nourish, strengthen, and apply their inborn creative, receptive, processing, kinaesthetic, sensory, cognitive, sensemaking, and senseshifting sensibilities and abilities.

As we do not learn about ourselves in school, these abilities support and nourish a healthy sense of self and self-esteem, their place in the world, their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and ability to blossom and thrive.

LIA Workshops for Students and Learners

Studying is exhausting and stressful!

Fly like an eagle, swim like a fish! Be in your element!

Studying and learning are not the same experiences. Learning is a life-long journey. We encounter and experience new and different things every day. We are never a done thing. Sadly, so many humans identify with and relate their self-worth, to externally obtained knowledge and education. Yet, we are not our knowledge and what we think we know and understand. There is a huge difference between ‘to know about’ and ‘knowing’; the latter comes from within and through a first-hand, direct, personal, relational experience. Likewise, many humans have become consumers and accumulators of knowledge, as they believe it validates them and provides them credentials to be recognised, seen, heard, and appreciated in the world.


In our LIA – Learn and Intuit with Awareness Workshops students get the opportunity to:

  • step into a place of ‘knowing’ and to embody and experiment with what has been encountered, explored, and learned
  • explore, experiment, and experience embodied, whole person, whole system, and integrative learning and discovery techniques
  • explore and experiment with discovery, participatory, presencing, embodiment, and processing techniques that enable students to have a less stressful learning and discovery journey
  • to enact present moment awareness, all inborn inner and outer sensibilities, and intelligences to make the learning experience more fulfilling, joyful, nourishing, stimulating, and meaningful
  • to nourish and stimulate creative, independent, and embodied thinking
  • to sensemake to ignite the ability to apply positive meaning beyond subject matter and across other disciplines, circumstances, possibilities, and life-areas
  • to senseshift to ignite the ability to experience personal meaning, purpose, and value, whilst exploring the global impact and symbolic meaning for humanity, without scattering or distracting students from the formal learning program and curriculum
  • to ignite visionary, integrative, whole system, possibility and actuality thinking

Why are the LIA Workshops indispensable for students now?

The average learning experience takes place in a highly stressful, achievement, and performance-based environment, with very little time to absorb, interpret, process, internalize, contextualize, conceptualise, apply positive meaning (sensemake), integrate and assimilate what was perceived. Each human perceives, discovers, and processes information and knowledge in a unique way.

Unrealistic timelines, expectations, pressures, standardized testing, and subjective marking create more stress and students questioning their own abilities. Hence, it is no wonder that so many young people suffer from depression, lack of self-worth, burnout, and the likes. None of it is conducive to their overall well-being.

The techniques and natural abilities ignited, nourished, and stimulated during the LIA Workshops enable learners and students to have a more fulfilled, joyous, present, relaxed, and inspired discovery and learning experience.

LIA Workshops Series for You and Me


Life is beautiful!

Abundance is there for everyone! How can this be possible?

What we are not aware of we cannot change. Awareness is not the same as know about something, especially our impact on each other, our beautiful planet, and all living creatures and organisms.  It is through a direct, personal encounter and sensory experience that we become aware of our deep connection with each other and Nature. Once this connection is experienced, we are able to fall in love with life again, and to live and innovate in alignment and harmony with the natural cycles of Nature and with a sense of wholeness. Through this renewed relationship we are able to make alive choices and to begin to live and innovate with more awareness. We are able to deeply feel and understand the impact of our daily choices and preferences.

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In our LIA – Live and Innovate with Awareness Workshops we get the opportunity to:

  • feel deeply connected to Nature and each other
  • experience a sense of wholeness and fulfilment
  • make alive, conscious, connected, aligned choices
  • expand our perception to planetary awareness
  • activate and experiment with whole system thinking and living
  • come into natural flow with emerging patterns
  • explore with other possibilities
  • discover how our personal wellbeing impact the wellbeing of all
  • innovate with more awareness of our footprint and impact
  • discover the beauty and goodness of natural, abundant flow
  • explore the other side of inequality and oppression
  • and much more

Why are the LIA Workshops Series for You and Me now important?

Our effect on each other and our beautiful planet can no longer be denied or ignored. We can no longer treat each other poorly and neither can we consume and accumulate as if there are infinite natural resources available. Likewise, we cannot afford not to see ourselves as separate from the greater whole. Whole system thinking will be indispensable in the future. We are born to create and bring ideas into being. Yet, we are not manifesting in isolation. In this series we strengthen, nourish, and stimulate our ability to live a more present, connected, aware, abundant, and joyful life. A life for all, not a chosen few.