Imagine a room with a view…

Our minds have infinite rooms, yet so many are unopened and unexplored. This JOY-Panorama exploration invites you to open a new door in your mind. A ‘change’ of scenery is refreshing, can bring many surprises and much joy, and is good for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Imagine you are on a merry-go-round as you ‘travel’ through this exploration.

We understand that we all perceive, experience and process life in a unique way. We are thus delighted to share this multisensory exploration in 3 different formats to enable you to receive optimal benefit:

  • Insight Immersion introducing different possibilities and perspectives.
  • Sensory Simulation enabling a direct, personal, cognitive and somatic experience.
  • Embodied Experimentation to enrich and expand our own personal experiences and understanding.
  • Part 1 and 2 are part of the interactive downloadable video and audio experiences, and part 3 fun experimentation ideas and processes shared in a Playbook document, which you can explore in your own free time.

Panoramic Experiences

Interactive multi-sensory multimedia experiences

1. Begin as you mean to go!


It seems hu-women and hu-men have it all mixed up; living life backwards so to speak. We start at 0 and work towards 100%. In this exploration JOY-Generator Han sheds light on the best kept secret about our Human Potential and what it means to live fully in the moment.

2. Death-a-nuisances


The mind thrives on classifications, categories and explanations, which can be quite limiting to other possibilities. It directly impacts our perception and experience of life. In this fun exploration JOY-Generator Han demonstrates how this limits our Human Experience.

3. The Power in your JOY Gene


Many inventors, discoverers and pioneers made extraordinary discoveries that improves life and that make life more pleasurable. In this exploration JOY-Generator Han reveals one of the best kept secrets until now relating to the latent power in your JOY Gene.

4. The fallacy called failure


The effect of any fear-based philosophy, belief and attitude is overwhelm, stress, confusion, procrastination and denial of our human potential and birth right to experience joy: to thrive, not to survive. In this exploration JOY-Generator Han exposes another possibility bringing much joy and fulfilment.

5. CIA of Being (Internal GPS)


It is easy to feel lost, confused and overwhelmed in a world where so much information and options are available, and with continuous requests for our attention. In this exploration JOY-Generator Han explores how we can stay centred, grounded, focused and in flow, no matter what happens around us.

6. Your bag of Mystery


Feeling not heard, seen, noticed and appreciated for who you are and your contribution in a world where achievement is rewarded and recognised based on pre-conceived ideas and limited parameters? In this exploration JOY- Generator Han opens your bag of mystery and shares another way.

7. AA – No not that one – Age or Aliveness?


In a world where Humans are treated like commodities with an expiry day or a sell-by date and where wisdom is directly linked to age, JOY-Generator Han explores how ridiculous such beliefs, models of understanding and opinions are. Your value has nothing to do with age.

8. Change a Fear Strategy (Avoid the trap)


Many fear strategies currently rule the world. Nonetheless, there are equally possibility strategies available which have a very different outflow and effect. In this exploration JOY-Generator Han sheds the light on change, which creates resistance and more fear.