“Humanity is ready to tap into this collective wisdom through Collective Sensemaking by embracing the next level in engagement to not only sense into what is busy emerging, but to give the wisdom unfolding in this way meaningful context through using all our sensibilities, and creative and generative abilities.”
~ Hannelie Venucia ~

JOY Sense Experiences

JOY Sense Complimentary Video Immersions

The ABC’s of Sensemaking


To thrive at this time requires new abilities. Discover how Sensemaking ignite, stimulate, nourish, and support all our sensibilities and  receptive, creative and generative inherent talents.

The Sensemaker Oracle


Tap into the Collective Intelligence and Wisdom, which allows you to have a whole reality and possibility experience, whether you are an individual or group or an organization or a community.

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Maslow Upside Down


We explore how Sensemaking and a whole person living philosophy turn Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on its head. This incredible discovery impacts  the well-being of Humanity on many levels.

Art of Conscious Relating


The art of Conscious Relating in the 21st Century. Facilitate and encourage conscious, meaningful, resonant, aligned, synchronised and coherent, co-generative group engagements and conversational experiences.

Beyond labels & roles


Combining creative powers and creative thinking to move from linear, goal and task driven functional approaches to meaningful, ever-present whole person contributions, potential realization and personal fulfilment.

From Give-Get to Share-Receive


Flow of  abundance and balance. We explore how Sensemaking takes us from a give-to-get lack-based mind-set to a share-and-receive abundance-based lifestyle.

Fusion of the Opposites


We explore how Sensemaking bring together contradictory ideals, disparate polarities and different lines of thought to co-generate something incredible together.

The Stage (engagement)


Transform and enrich any conference, web-cast, summit and forum experience into one of meaning, enjoyment, creativity, fulfilment, continuity, flow and fecundity.

The Cab (facilitation)


Transform, energise, enrich, expand, and anchor any personal development, personal growth, mentoring, coaching, guidance, facilitation and teaching experience and elevate it to a new level. A bridge and catalyst for more.

Sensemaking or Learning?


Transform the learning and discovery processes, and catalyze new ways of perceiving, receptivity, conception, internalizing, contextualising, conceptualising, embodiment and applied knowledge.

Message from a JOYSenser

  • “My experience as a participant in the Collective Sensemaking sessions brings to mind the wondrous image of young children, out in nature…sunshine, birds, trees, grass… each child buoyantly expressing pure delight…. as together, they are blowing BUBBLES! Squealing with joy and laughter as the rainbow colored orbs in varying shapes and sizes of roundness, filled with air, emerge from the efforts of each child, and float gently upward… into the sky, to reach the yet unknown. Sometimes the bubbles pop and splash droplets of soapy liquid on pink cheeks, while others drift merrily skyward, approaching the unexplored territory above. What fun!

    This is much like my experience with Collective Sensemaking ! It is a fertile time spent together, in a field of ideas, bubbling with possibility; it is a time when ideas bubble forth, sometimes merging, connecting with other ideas/bubbles and taking flight as we “create the opportunities for synchronicities, and/or new insights, to surface.” How exciting it is to witness as outcomes are not predetermined and what awaits us , individually as well as collectively, unfolds through our open exploration. It leaves one with the unexpected gift of new insights to ponder.

    What bubbles within me is a renewed sense of wonder, curiosity and gratitude for a shared experience among a community of conscious co-creators, fostered through the synergy created by Collective Sensemaking!”

    Rosemary Zitek, Escazú, Costa Rica