JOY Sense is for everyone…

Humanity has shown a continuous thirst to try to make sense of how the universe works, to discover new phenomena, to understand human behavior, to improve well-being, and to invent new things that make life seemingly more comfortable and enjoyable.

The way human beings communicate and engage with each other has evolved from cave paintings and smoke signals to where we find ourselves in an interconnected world enabled by advances in technology and communications. The fact that we now have easy access to others and to so much information and knowledge, does not mean that our engagement methods are sophisticated and that we benefit from the collective wisdom and opportunities becoming available to us through synchronicity and serendipity.

Moreover, it seems human beings still focus much upon and reward individual intelligence, without discovering the wonders of the Collective Intelligence and Wisdom available to us. The 21st century brought with it amazing opportunities and the need to transform the way we work and do together. This occurrence brings with it the ability to co-create and co-generate together in a meaningful and fulfilling way where everyone’s contribution is valued.

None the less, humanity is ready to tap into this collective wisdom through Collective Sensemaking by embracing the next level in engagement to not only sense into what is busy emerging, but to give the wisdom unfolding in this way meaningful context through using all our sensibilities, and creative and generative abilities. (put at bottom of the About JOY-Sense page after the poem)

How does it work?

There are many ways to get to Rome. Not one shoe fits all. You choose whatever is most appropriate and helpful at this time.


In video immersions you are introduced to Sensemaking in a variety of contexts, which you can explore in your own time.


For a more interactive, meaningful and a direct personal experience, you embark on a personal Sensemaking Journey.


To experience and benefit from the wonders of Collective Sensemaking within groups, no matter the context, we introduce this new way of engaging, participation, contribution, facilitation, and co-creation and co-generation, which impacts group dynamics positively, during a variety of direct group Collective Sensemaking Learning Journeys and Experiences. You can join one of our themed, group online events to get a taste or introduce Sensemaking into your group or organization through dedicated, meaningful, appropriate and relevant online and physical sensemaking salons and learning journeys.


You are welcome to reserve your seat to join one of our global, online themed Collective Sensemaking events. Meet amazing like-hearted and like-minded people. Receive the opportunity to cultivate and explore meaningful, and fulfilling friendships and relationships. Give your creative and generative abilities a prolific space to play, grow and expand. Contribute to conscious and meaningful empowering activities to make this world a better place.  Receive nurturing, support and encouragement. Discover how to tune into the Collective Intelligence and how to give the information meaningful context.