Our People

Our People

Hoyo Hoyo, as we say here in Africa

We are delighted that you discovered us. Welcome to the Joy Generation.

This is the Joy Generation Discovery, Wisdom, and Impact Portal, giving you access to:

Joy Wise – Personal Development, Wisdom, Inspiration, and Support

Joy Planet – Podcasts (JoyCasts), Creative and Embodied Thinking downloadable Experiences (Joy Panorama), and Sensemaking downloadable Experiences (Joy Sense)

Joy Journeys – Discovery, Learning, and Impact Journeys

Joy Festival – Our Joy Generation Ecosystem, Talent Exchange, and Joy Generation Engagement Platform and App

Life is a wondrous journey. We pass many places and encounter many people and other creatures, and Nature and the Sky, when we travel somewhere. We love the opportunity to spend time in a new place, to explore and discover, and to connect to and engage with the people and environment. In English we use the word ‘via’ when we travel. When we fly to Japan from South Africa there are no direct flights, hence we will travel via Istanbul for example.


VIA for us has a specific meaning. We meet such beautiful souls and creatures, and magnificent places and environments, and magical possibilities along our discovery and impact journeys. Likewise, there is so much happening in the world right now which we cannot ignore or deny: climate change, immigration policies, human and civil rights, and socio-economic-cultural-political-ecological dilemmas affecting the well-being of humanity and the beautiful planet we call home, and all her magnificent creatures and organisms. As humanity, our individual, group and collective contributions have never been as important as now. Why and how and what we do, impacts 8 billion other humans and our wondrous planet and all other living creatures and organisms.

VIA thus for us consists of 3 important elements, our Vibe, our Intention, and our Aspiration.

Our Vibe

is to infuse the world with the energy of JOY, no matter where we are or what we do. We would like to co-generate a JOY Wave that reaches out wide into the Universe.

Our Intention

is to share and exchange thought-provoking embodied experiences, embodied sensemaking experiences, and life-transforming and life-enhancing impact discovery journeys (inner and outer), during which we co-generate JOY. It is our intention to explore, co-sense, co-create, co-generate, co-embody and share the next level of being human, thinking, feeling, sensing, relating, engaging, creating, learning, manifesting, acting and interacting, and the next level organization. It is our intention to explore and sense into what is emerging at this time (inner and outer) with reverence, curiosity and delight, and to follow the natural flow with awareness, respect, trust and gratitude, whilst we share the time of our lives and our talents and inner gifts abundantly.

Our Aspiration

is that every living being, creature, and organism and our beautiful planet can enjoy total well-being, fulfilment and abundance, and that we all co-exist and co-thrive, as we seed and embody a new template of being; with no exception. It is our aspiration that all humans live with awareness and fall in love with life and the Earth, and can experience true joy, and that all new souls birth into a state of JOY. It is our aspiration that all human beings treat each other and all living creatures and organisms, and our planet with love, respect, beauty and joy.

About our Founder and Creator


With a passion for human and organizational potential, the founder and creator of the Joy Generation, and the founder of The Inspiration Gap, a Leadership and Creative Innovation Consultancy, and Thrivability Incubator, Hannelie Venucia (previously Pienaar) started her career in Human Resources at the Head Office of a major Bank, and thereafter as a Recruitment Consultant specializing in Science and Engineering, performing psychometric testing and stimulating her intuitive and sensory abilities. Hannelie has 30 years of Management, Change Management, Creative Innovation, Business, IT, HR, Leadership, and Strategy Consulting experience, across 4 continents.

A seasoned international public speaker, gifted workshop creator, and embodied change facilitator, Hannelie has created, led, and facilitated various Innovation, Creativity, Leadership, and Sensemaking events, workshops, and programs in countries such as Japan (Speaker at the Society for Innovation in Management Conference), Spain (Creative Leadership workshop), Romania (Sensemaking workshop at EU Open Innovation 2.0 Conference), Malaysia ( Speaker at International Student Conference), Turkey ( Several Creativity, Leadership Development, Women Empowerment, and Personal Development Workshops), Zambia (Speaker at Women Leadership Events and Facilitating Youth Empowerment Workshops), Ghana (Key Note Speaker, Facilitation of Emotional Intelligence Master Class and Expert Presentation on Creative Innovation at West Africa Talent Summit), Malawi (Speaker at African Medical Conference – The role of Technology in Health), UK (Speaker at JD Edwards Conference – Oursourced Enterprise Solutions for Real Estate), Southern Africa (Creating, leading and facilitating various Creative Innovation, Leadership Development, Women Empowerment, Women Leadership Development, Strategic Interventions, Team Dynamics workshops and events, and organising and leading the African Public Transport Management Society Summit in 2016, 2017, 2019, and facilitating creative and generative thinking interventions during these summits) and arranging, creating, and hosting 48 Leadership, Creativity, Innovation, and Women Empowerment Online Radio Shows.

Loving the written and spoken word, Hannelie is published transformational author, poet, narrator, visionary, creative innovation strategist, embodied sensemaker and philosopher, worldpainter, intuitive, mentor, human whisperer, podcaster, radio host, and authority on Creative, Receptive, Embodied, and Generative Leadership, Collective Sensemaking, Creative Innovation, and Expanded Perception, she creates, facilitates, and shares embodied creative thinking, sensemaking, expanded perception, and creative, receptive, embodied, and generative leadership and self-leadership workshops, salons, journeys, and experiences with leaders, organisations, communities, groups, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

Her paper, ‘Embodiment – the missing link in Creative Innovation’, has been published in the International Journal for Innovation in Management in 2017. She will be presenting her papers ‘From chaos and change to fulfilment and impact -Sensemaking – A novel approach to Business Strategy, Execution and Innovation’ in 2021, and ‘What else is possible? – Embodied Sensemaking – A novel learning and discovery approach’ in 2022.

She is the author of ‘ IOS – I am onto Something – embracing the New!’, ‘The Mystery of the 7 S’s – Collective Sensemaking’, ‘Sharing Corn – Leadership and Self-Leadership Journal – Constructing new models of Understanding’,  the trilogy ‘Good things come in 3’s’, and poetry bundles ‘Joywise – Be here now – enjoying the moment!’ and ‘Good things come in 3’s – Fun wisdom from unexpected sources’.

As an Intuitive and Visionary Creatrix, Hannelie loves to create, design, and share experiences that give us joy and remind us of our greatness, genius, and goodness. She designed, created, and gave life to 131 workshops, 13 programs/courses, 24 strategic, leadership, innovation, and embodied change interventions, 12 initiatives, and 5 new models of understanding over the past 10 years.

Meet the Joy Generation Council

The purpose of our Joy Generation Council is to provide mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical support, guardianship, guidance, advice, and endorsement. And to ensure our activities and presence are aligned with our VIA and that we embrace and explore all related opportunities arising.


Prof. Piero Formica

  • Italy and Ireland – Professor of Knowledge Economics, Contamination Lab, University of Padua, and Senior Research Fellow, Innovation Value Institute, Maynooth University.
  • Open Innovation Global Authority
  • Published Author and Public Speaker

Dr. Leanne Whitney

  • USA
  • Transformational Coach at Leanne Whitney
  • Applied Philosophy, Body-Mind Connection, and Depth Psychology Expert
  • Decolonisation of Global Mind-set
  • Cultural Critic and Published Author

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