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Sharing Corn Vol. 2 – Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal

Constructing and Embodying New Models of Understanding

Humanity has an opportunity to explore other possibilities and a ground-breaking new way of being after a period of turmoil, disruption, chaos, and restriction. This new way of being impacts all the aspects of our lives, how we relate, organise, choose, create, share, exchange, act, and interact. The new decade heralds the dawn of something new. Our leadership and self-leadership awareness and models of understanding, both cognitive and somatic, will determine how we meet, navigate, harness, and contribute to this new era. This is virgin land, as our experiential landscapes have dramatically and unexpectedly transformed in many ways. In volume 2 the focus is thus on self-leadership awareness, as it impacts all aspects of leadership, regardless the context or environment. Together, we will explore new ways of being and contentious aspects that impact the wellbeing of humanity and our magnificent planet. The title holding gems and potency of sharing, awareness, and understanding in the context of leadership and self-leadership, and our creative potential to construct new models of understanding, volume two includes embodiment, the feminine aspect of leadership and self-leadership. Thus the conceptual and experiential fuse and unfold in spirals of manifestation. As the wellbeing of humanity and our beautiful planet is at stake, it is important to share wisdom and insights from a variety of vantage points and in different contexts, hence the inclusion of 10 contributions of wise men and women from across the globe, in volume 2. Author: Hannelie Venucia Contributors: Ben Roberts, Prof. Piero Formica, Leila de Pais Miranda, Fabian Szulanski, Lee Newitt, Suzanne Jones, Adriaan Groenewald, Heidi Hornlein, Glenn Behenna, Emmanuel Emielu.

Sharing Corn – Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal

Constructing new Models of Understand

Leadership Development and Leadership Awareness are not the same. Awareness comes before ‘How to Lead”. What we are not aware of we cannot transform.


The Mystery of the 7 S’s
– Collective Sensemaking

the Alchemy between the Senses, Synchronicity and Serendipity

The way human beings communicate and engage with each other has evolved from cave paintings and smoke signals to where we find ourselves in an interconnected world enabled by advances in technology and communications. The fact that we now have easy access to others and to so much information and knowledge, does not mean that our engagement methods are sophisticated and that we benefit from the collective wisdom and opportunities becoming available to us through synchronicity and serendipity. None the less, humanity is ready to tap into this collective wisdom through Collective Sensemaking by embracing the next level in engagement to not only sense into what is busy emerging, but to benefit from the unexpected.


Discover Intuit and Sense with Awareness

An experiential, playful, fulfilling, direct, personal, authentic, embodied, integrative, whole person and whole system journey of discovery and learning.


3BM (3 Brilliant Mice, Minstrels, Magnificentos)

Good Things Come in 3’s

Transformational Trilogy – In Volume 1 our wondrous characters discover their own brilliance. In Volume 2 they paint a new world as Minstrels. Volume 3 will expose readers to a new intelligence, human beings will have access to.

IOS – I am onto Something

Embracing the New

The butterfly is coming out of the cocoon. The internet and advances in technology and communications dramatically transformed our lives. Much that was hidden and not so obvious in the past, is now exposed and revealed. Fear, doubt, judgment, blame, uncertainty, insecurity, guilt and shame arise, as we do not know how to approach and respond to, and how to engage with the new and unfamiliar. This fear is fuelled, as some see the current state of the world as an emergency. Yet, something incredible emerges when we leave the perceived safety of the chrysalis.

In IOS – I am onto Something, curiosity meets opportunity, as Hannelie explores how we can gently, yet powerfully, invite, embrace, embody, and partner with the new. We are able to approach, engage and respond to the new in a confident, comfortable and creative way by enacting powerful sensemaking and embodiment practices, and creative thinking and generative action techniques.


Flirting with the here and now(Poetry Bundle)

22 fun dates with 3 fates

Life is a combination of incredible experiences, and is not a linear journey or a project with milestones and deadlines. Many books have be written and much have been said about the ‘now’. So why then this one?

In a world that is much about doing and achieving, this playful narrative takes you into the heart and fertile richness of the present moment, inside a tantalizing romance, and into a real-life, authentic, rejuvenating and spell-bounding embodied adventure of the now. Be aware though, something magical happens during date number 22. You will be moonstruck and delighted; for sure. But do not take our word, best to discover yourself.

Interviews and Discussions

Global Leadership Platform

2020 Decade of Authentic Leadership

Global Leadership Conversations Series 2

Mini Masterclass with Hannelie Venucia

Global Leadership Platform

Global Leadership Conversations Series 1

How do we solve the Global Leadership Crisis?

The Wisdom Factory

Conversations that matter – The Integral Africa Dialogues

Exploring life in Africa – and in the world.

A conversation with Hannelie Venucia

Radio Sonder Grense

Kreatiewe Leierskap

Onderhoud met Sue Pyler van Radio Sonder Grense

Co-creations 2020

The Joy of Living Questions

With Lee Newitt

Where the conceptual and experiential meet, play, merge, and expand through living questions. We are not looking for answers and unfurl living questions with a sense of wonder, awe, and curiosity. We are guided, enchanted, encouraged, and inspired by the natural unfoldment and flow.

Feel Good Now

With Peter Lucker

Where do we go to from here?

A series of 5 interactive, online, live experiences, exploring the power of our body awareness and the energy dynamics that form the undercurrent of our day to day reality.

Women Matters

With Gertraud Wegst

A practical and embodied exercise on finding and manifesting our vision

The Creativity Gap

With Lien Potgieter

UN World Creativity and Innovation Week and Day

Creativity with Purpose Leadership Round Table and Festivities

My Kind of Creative Initiative

Once in a Leap Year Creativity Quest

Creative ABC’s

With Samantha Bosman and Kirsty Kotze

Craft and Creative Adventures for Kids

Inspired by Leila Pais de Miranda and in collaboration with Creative Encounters of Moleque de Ideias, Brazil

Mindset of the Daring Webinars

With Emmanuel Emielu and Nasrin Ejner

Personal Dispositions for Thriving in the New Normal

LOL Future! A Hilarious Humor Quest

With Fabian Szulanski

On the 5th of November 2020, 18h00 CET, via Zoom – Give yourself the treat of activating your creative thinking abilities. From zero to LOL in 45 minutes! We can easily get stuck in a state of distress, hopelessness, uncertainty and fear with so much going on in the world. We come together to exercise our humor muscles and to remind us ourselves of the wonder and beauty in life. Reserve your seat here to receive the Zoom link.

Co-Creation Testimonials

  • All the knowledge in the world is of no use, if it is not shared or used toward the betterment of the world. I see us coming together to co-create as a form of collaborative innovation of ideas that are shared and it improved our own individual experiences and that of the lives we touched during these sessions. We shared, rather than keeping it for ourselves.
    Nasrin Ejner
    Educator, Trainer, Coach, Pune, India
  • Knitting and Weaving with Hannelie. The process of spontaneously and dynamically inter-creating an idea collaboratively. A free flowing exchange of consistent thread builds seamlessly to create a shared idea as if the idea was waiting to be discovered and was meant to be. There is a sense of effortless flow of thought that interweaves revealing something more than either individual’s contribution could create alone.
    Lee Newitt
    Buckinghamshire New University, Psychology Department, United Kingdom


Embodiment – the missing link in Creative Innovation

International Journal of Innovation in Management IJiIM

Volume 5, Number 1 June 2017 – ISSN 2308-1295

From chaos and change to fulfilment and impact

A novel approach to Business Strategy, Execution and Innovation (Sensemaking)

What else is possible? – Embodied Sensemaking

A novel learning and discovery approach