What is The Fallacy called Failure?

Ever felt like you are a failure? Or being treated as if you are a failure?  Or made belief that you are no good at anything or something? Think again. Do not believe that. Do not entertain that story.

In Greenland they do not even have such a word. If you went out hunting and did not come back with food, they simply say you were not fortunate that day. And in the event that you did come back with a contribution to feed the family, you are vouched to be a fortunate hunter that day. The mere fact is that you are a hunter, you can never fail at that, as that is what you are in heart, body, mind and soul.

Thank you. This is for me.

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So why is it that we began to embrace a concept and mind-set such as Failure? It destroy many a human soul, passion, intention, dream, career, contribution, relationship, project, initiative and organisation. For reasons incomprehensible. Being evaluated against others’ perceptions of what is success or good enough is a crime against our souls. You are a human being. It is impossible to fail at being a Human. The moment we say or think we are something or identify with it, such as I am a Failure, we become it. And then we create such a reality through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions and interactions. But it is a huge, fat, big lie! We can do whatever we choose to. The merit of our actions has nothing to do with what society expects from us or values as success. Do not let your joy spill because of a misconception.


We always start from a place of curiosity and wonder,
and explore possibility

In ‘The Fallacy called Failure’ we explore and look at:

  • How such a lie and mind-set destroy many a soul and many an opportunity
  • How a ‘Failure-Achieve-Success’ mind-set keeps us hostage and sucks all our life energy and attention
  • How a ‘Failure-Achieve-Success’ mind-set keeps us from thriving and enjoying life
  • How fear of failure causes us to feel paralysed, depressed, lonely, misunderstood and isolated
  • How fear of failure causes us to distrust life, and as a result project, procrastinate, manipulate, hide or stagnate
  • How we subconsciously sabotage ourselves when we believe in failure
  • How failure keeps us from igniting our inner spark and genius
  • How failure influences our body posture, presence, speech, and engagement with others
  • How unreasonable comparison steals our confidence, vitality and wellbeing on all levels
  • How fear of failure keeps us from sharing our magnificent contributions with the world
  • What happens when we stop trying to fulfil the expectations, ideas and plans others have for our lives
  • How to regain our dignity and self-trust when we feel or believe we failed or are not good enough
  • How to divorce such a mind-set and belief, and to replace it with our inner truth and another joyous prolific attitude, approach and mind-set
  • How to trust life again and to step into our true power and revitalise ourselves
  • How to approach and respond to the world and opportunities with confidence and zest after being kept hostage by a sense of failure
  • How a different mind-set dramatically transforms any experience, whether personal, professional or social, and whether an individual, community, group or organisation
  • How a completely different mind-set impacts almost all the socio-economic-eco-political-cultural dilemmas of our time
  • How a completely different mind-set enables mental clarity and acuity, emotional flexibility and maturity, physical agility and vitality, and spiritual drive and trust
  • Sensory simulation of what it is about so we can decide for ourselves
  • Embodiment experimentation so we can further explore and integrate into our personal, every day, real life situations

Who will benefit from this vibrant exploration and embodied experimentation?

All of Humanity

Leaders and organizations

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Inventors and innovators

Artists, creatives and dreamers

Teams and groups

Teachers and learners (students)

Parents and children

Changemakers and activists

Coaches and mentors

Anyone who wants to experience their true power and make their dreams a reality

Anyone whose lives or organizations are not working in the way they believe is possible

Anyone who wants to improve their lives or take another life-direction or start anew

Anyone who feels they are swimming upstream and are making no progress

Anyone who has self-worth issues and who does not feel valued, seen, heard or appreciated

Anyone who needs to make important life-decisions related to careers, relationships, personal health and wellbeing on all levels, home, society, etc.

Anyone who is experiencing bullying, humiliation, shame, rejection, etc.

Anyone who feels stuck, hopeless, desperate, frustrated, judged, criticized unfairly, and misunderstood

Anyone who suffers from procrastination and has suicidal thoughts, and who is depressed, overwhelmed, confused, scattered, insecure, etc.

Anyone who wants to break a pattern of perceived failure, whether an individual or an organization

Anyone who wants to take charge of their own lives and live more authentically

Anyone who is passionate about empowerment and upliftment

Anyone on a personal growth and development journey

Anyone who wants to thrive and help others who are struggling with failure

And so many more…

Are you ready to take the leap?

Available at: $60

Our payment gateway is South African, and as a result the currency of this workshop will show in South African Rands when adding to the cart. The approximate currency conversion to US$ is $60.

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In our JOY Panorama Explorations, together, we explore concepts, paradigms, and phenomena that directly impact our experience of life and the total well-being of all humans, organisations, structures, the planet, and all her wondrous creatures and organisms?

Our JOY Panorama Explorations provide the ability for you to discover for yourself and to make your own, informed decisions relating to each theme, by using your inborn sensibilities and intelligence, both on a somatic and cognitive level?

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And a Surprise Bonus 15 minute Online JOY Session with Hannelie to share your experience and to explore questions and insights together that arose during your experience.

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The nature of this experience, practices, techniques and subsequent awareness, vitality, health, growth and empowerment, is worth more than $750.00.

Yet, we understand that our perceptions and mind-sets create our experience and that we experience life through our senses. Our perceptions and mind-sets impact not only our own lives, but also that of Humanity, our beautiful Planet and all her creatures and organisms. It impacts all the aspects of our lives, how we think and feel about ourselves, how we think and feel about others and the world, life and possibilities, how we intend, relate, engage, create, make, share, contribute, act, interact, approach, respond to and do life. It is our aspiration to therefor introduce these perspectives to as many humans as possible and for that purpose made it available at $60.

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