What is The Power in your JOY Gene?

It is fascinating how human beings are afraid of their own power. When we refer to power we do not speak about ruling over others or controlling others or any kind of domination. Power in this context is about our inborn talents and abilities, and our ability to connect to everyone and everything around us.

Everything in life is interrelated and interconnected. Our experience of and our contribution to life transforms when we tap into this precious power.

Thank you. This is for me.

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I cannot but think about a bumble bee and a flower when I focus my awareness and attention to the power in our JOY Genes. Bees are magical creatures. They carry life forward besides the extraordinary, jummy and delicious honey they make. And they generously bring sweetness to life. We have enough bitterness, don’t you think? Watching a bee visiting flowers we will see that they are on a mission. Their intimate and symbiotic relationship with the flowers are just magical. They do not visit a flower that has been visited by another bee, so they do not waste any energy and resources. Aerodynamically speaking they are not supposed to be able to fly. Is that not fascinating? And yet they do with much agility and skill, and impact the entire ecosystem. We humans are no different. We have abilities that are mind-boggling and powers that most are not even aware of.  Likewise, we influence and impact life, our planet and each other in significant ways.


We always start from a place of curiosity and wonder,
and explore possibility

In ‘The Power in your JOY Gene’ we explore and look at:

  • Inherent powers and abilities that most humans are not even aware of
  • How we can activate and ignite these powers lying latently in our JOY Genes
  • What some of the discoveries of our greatest physicists and scientists have to do with the power in our JOY Genes, such as Einstein
  • How we can transform our lives when we tap into these powers
  • How we can contribute in a significant way to life and our planet when we direct these abilities and powers with reverence and pure intentions
  • How these powers assist us to have impact regardless of our situation or the conditions we find ourselves in
  • How these powers enable us to have a lighter footprint on our environment and the earth
  • How human relations can be transformed when we tap into these powers
  • How to embrace and embody these powers
  • How these powers impact the collective wellbeing and can transform any experience for the greater good, whether personal, professional or social, and whether an individual, community, group or organisation
  • How these powers can assist humanity to solve so many socio-economic-eco-political-cultural dilemmas of our time
  • Sensory simulation of what it is about so we can decide for ourselves
  • Embodiment experimentation so we can further explore and integrate into our personal, every day, real life situations

Who will benefit from this vibrant exploration and embodied experimentation?

All of Humanity

Leaders and organizations

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

Artists and creatives

Thought Leaders, futurists, visionaries

Changemakers, catalysts and activists

Philosophers and scientists

Teams and groups

Teachers and learners (students)

Parents and children

Coaches and mentors

Anyone who wants to experience true joy

Anyone who wants to activate the hidden power in their JOY Genes

Anyone who wants to make a difference in life and the world

Anyone who is curious about embodied science and embodied philosophy

Anyone who wants to begin to live more consciously and with more awareness

Anyone who wants to discover how they can positively impact the world by directing the power in their JOY Gene

Anyone who wants to contribute to a world of benevolence, love, peace, harmony, abundance and greatness for all

Anyone who wants to discover their purpose

Anyone who wants to find more meaning in their lives

Anyone who feels hopeless, depressed, suicidal, confused and overwhelmed

Anyone who wants to thrive and not only cope and survive

Anyone on a personal growth and development journey

And so many more…

Are you ready to take the leap?

Available at: $60

Our payment gateway is South African, and as a result the currency of this workshop will show in South African Rands when adding to the cart. The approximate currency conversion to US$ is $60.

Enjoyed and appreciated this exploration and experimentation?

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Did you know…

In our JOY Panorama Explorations, together, we explore concepts, paradigms, and phenomena that directly impact our experience of life and the total well-being of all humans, organisations, structures, the planet, and all her wondrous creatures and organisms?

Our JOY Panorama Explorations provide the ability for you to discover for yourself and to make your own, informed decisions relating to each theme, by using your inborn sensibilities and intelligence, both on a somatic and cognitive level?

Our JOY Panorama Explorations consist of 3 core elements, namely:

  1. Insight Immersion introducing different possibilities and perspectives (downloadable videos and audios)
  2. Sensory Simulation enabling a direct, personal, cognitive and somatic experience so we can discern for ourselves (downloadable videos and audios)
  3. Embodied Experimentation to enrich and expand our own personal experiences, with fun experimentation ideas and processes, and inspiration and support in a Playbook downloadable document, which you can explore in your own free time.

And a Surprise Bonus 15 minute Online JOY Session with Hannelie to share your experience and to explore questions and insights together that arose during your experience.

Passing on the Goodness


The nature of this experience, practices, techniques and subsequent awareness, vitality, health, growth and empowerment, is worth more than $750.00.

Yet, we understand that our perceptions and mind-sets create our experience and that we experience life through our senses. Our perceptions and mind-sets impact not only our own lives, but also that of Humanity, our beautiful Planet and all her creatures and organisms. It impacts all the aspects of our lives, how we think and feel about ourselves, how we think and feel about others and the world, life and possibilities, how we intend, relate, engage, create, make, share, contribute, act, interact, approach, respond to and do life. It is our aspiration to therefor introduce these perspectives to as many humans as possible and for that purpose made it available at $60.

We share different techniques and practices in each of these 8 explorations, thus you have access to abundant resources.

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This is not a once-off experience. You are able to enact, apply and integrate all techniques used into any situation, environment, and into all the aspects of your life, your business, organizations, communities and groups. You are welcome to contact us for assistance to introduce discoveries, practices and insights into your line of work, environment and to integrate further into your own personal life.

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‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’ Samuel Coleridge