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Living Positively (with Winnie Mabena)
In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Winnie explore what it is like to be a young adult at this time, what it is like to live in the remote eastern part of Zambia, the challenges of poor literacy levels, teenage pregnancies and child marriages in the region, what it is like to have nature around you, her mobile library, her project to teach children and women how to read to improve literacy and make them more knowledgeable, how she started the Knowledge Effect with one book, the need for English children books for ages 7 to 15 years old, how we can have a day job and still follow our passions, how she use her day job to empower young girls relating to child marriages and teenage pregnancy, how she call on volunteers, her new book Living Positively – the Winnie Mabena Story, her blogs, how she transcended the social stereotyping related to HIV-Aids, how writing helps us to heal, how we can make an impact without a lot of resources, and much more.

Wholeness and Complete (with Leanne Whitney)
In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Leanne explore Depth Psychology, the visible and invisible, the science of the unconscious, the science of the invisible, wholeness, the Total Human, the unified field, the wisdom of the body, consciousness studies, perception, where our awareness resides in our bodies. what real aliveness is about, the psychology of the unseen, the totality of the universe, and so much more.

Harnessing the Intelligence of Life (with Wendy Ward)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Wendy explore the third energy that is present when 2 or more people come together, birds, the wisdom of birds, sensory awareness, energy flow, mirroring sensations of what is being shared, what Presilience is, our wings, being like a fish, our Brilliance, what it means to be fully present, our inward eye, we are powerful creative beings and our ability to see it in others, how to listen in and reconnect to True Self, what happens when we are being listened to deeply without judgment, being heard, seen and received, legitimacy, having a thinking partner, the Presilience Formula, the Brilliance Dashboard.

Communion (with Bhagyalakshmi Murali)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Bhagyalakshmi explore consciousness, what it means to be present in the moment and to others, the difference between traditional teaching and facilitation, what true listening is about, conscious living, how to make conscious choices, the impact of asking open questions, Access Consciousness, the healing arts, and so much more.

Show me your calling (with Herve Marcotte)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Herve explore what is happening in the world at the moment, the wars going in the world, the signs from Nature, the wonderful people that are doing amazing things to make the world a better world, love, hope, the film about HOPE he is bringing into the world, how can we instil more hope into our own lives, how we can all contribute and do something as that will have impact, his message for the younger generations, our inner spiritual lives, writing scenarios for films, and much more.

Balance (with Davida Ginter)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Davida explore life on this planet at this moment in time, how to decide which paths to take, curiosity, the unknown, going with your values and guidelines, reflecting on these guidelines often as a practice, how to use others to be a soundboard for us so we can clarify our intentions, how our experience change when we use more senses to clarify our intentions, the human need to be heard, how to prioritise and the value of practices during which we can reflect, self-care practices, creating space and time for such practices in our lives, how we can become more clearer on what we need, how to articulate better what we do and how non-violent communication assists in that process, the need and power of balance, connectedness, the intersection between leadership and sustainable, how to drive social change, Be the Change, Enkindle Global, the need for trusting the process unfolding, what happens when leaders trust their people, how change happens from the inside out, how people engage and participate with enthusiasm when trusted and brought in to play an inherent part and contribute actively in the process, mutual respect, and so much more.

Explore the Reactions (with Cecilia Wandiga)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Cecilia explore climate change, conscious living, human centred system design, a circular economy, Science and Technology Innovations, how to create impact by sharing and applying scientific data to transform human behaviour on grass-root level, artificial intelligence, new purpose driven roles arising from all the innovations emerging, and so much more.

Informal Free Learning Spaces (with Leila Pais de Miranda)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Leila explore the wonders of Informal Free Learning Spaces, interactive learning, learning societies, using technology in learning and creative processes, how to stimulate innate genius and creativity, computer-based learning, the impact of creating informal creative and innovative learning spaces in the workplace and bringing children into this environment, E-textile patchwork, the Jellyweek Quilt, Moleque de Ideias Technology and Knowledge, and much more.

Creative, Curious, Collective Intelligence and Self-Confidence (with Alain Heureux)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Alain explore what it is like to live in Europe, what is Europe and Africa’s specifity and roles to become a game changer, how to inspire our youth, how the creative industry is the engine for the European economy as it triggers and ignite the fire into all the other economies as their future will become disruptive, how becoming disruptive yourself the only way forward is to be inspired by the creative economy and the people that the creative industry are to reinvent other industries, how the creative industries are getting organized in Europe, how creative entrepreneurship is a prolific future for our younger generations, how creativity and curiosity can be the engine for the African economy, how we will survive in the workplace is through being creativity and curious, the Creative Rings, how we need to wake up, how tools such as design thinking, service design, systemic design thinking, lean principles, change, agility and the likes will make us champions after the wake-up call, and much more.

The Power of Presence (with Sian Palmer)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Sian explore the impact of Family Constellations and our ancestral lineages on our lives, whether personal, family, organisational, environmental and on a community level, restoring life’s flow, the effects of dance in our lives, expressive movement, dance and movement therapy, the design process of new system, all our intelligences, embodied innovation and not just mental innovation, the arch of time, dreaming into our ancestors and descendants in dreaming new realities into being, memories of the future through collective intelligence, how dance and embodied work enables us to access our creative imagination by engaging all the senses, our sensory imagination, conscious dance, and so much more.

Agape (with Morya Short)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Morya go together on a joyful experimentation and exploration about what joy is about and how it feels in the body, the many configurations of joy, what the joy of being is about, that joy is not an emotion and that it is a state of being, that joy has no external source, what joy coming from the inside feels like, the fountain of youth, the relation between joy from the inside and health and wealth, the joy in learning, how our perceptions influence our ability to experience true joy, curiosity, how joy from the inside brings freedom, Joy Ventures, co-creating new vocabulary, the power of vocabulary, the power of ritual, and so much more.

Sovereignty, Reciprocity and Prosperity (with Mari)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and MaRi explore Blockchain Technologies, Bitcoin, Circular Economy, Financial Well-being, Hackathon Decentralized-Financial Well-being, Awareness, Digital Futures, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, what it is like to live in a vibrant, innovative, integral and aware community and city such as Vancouver, and much more.

Open your Gift Box (with Gina Donaldson)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Gina explore simply being in the presence of another and feel in our bodies what happen, our sensory awareness, the wonders of non-verbal communication, not feeling awkward with silence, the movement of energy between 2 or more people and the information coming through in that way, Reiki, animal communication, believing the information coming to you, telepathy, how energy awareness and the intuition can be applied in the workplace, our wonderful internal toolboxes (gift-boxes), how change management prepared the world for being open to our intuitive and sensory abilities, how to get people out of their mental boxes by asking how they feel, sensory learning journeys, our life journeys, personal passage planning, and much more.

Questions and Connections (with Mlisska Hubert)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Mlisska explore what the world is like today, the wonder of people, how to clear our own energy when we work with people and how to set healthy boundaries, how we need to navigate all the time, how we need to be kind to ourselves during our learning process – which is a life-long process, self-love and self-care, how open questions are more helpful than searching for solutions, what living the questions are like, making friends with mystery, what She Gathers is about, building suspension bridges for women, trusting life, being curious, the feminine principle of bringing together, how to use our individual dreams to actualise our bigger dreams, what She Speaks is about, the power of our stories, what happens when we share from our deepest parts within, what happens when we gather with other people, and so much more.

The Beauty of Experience (with Camelia Misiriantu)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Camelia explore deep questions about life, the higher purpose in our DNA/Genes, Gene Keys, Mayan Blueprints, Mayan Calendar, Mayan Wave Spell, Nature’s wisdom, Human Design, the beauty of experience, the sharing of experiences, and much more.

Leading with Love (with Stephane Leblanc)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Stephane explore what it is life about at this moment in time, the challenges that living from our egos bring. climate change, the suffering of all creatures. how we can all thrive when living consciously, Stephane’s quest to raise consciousness, how acceptance changes everything, how we get attached to suffering and identify with it, how we live in a society of fear, what else is possible, that we can create our own lives, what conscious leadership is about, how we can co-create a space where every living being can thrive, love in action, and much more.

Synchronicity (with Bebe Wundermann)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Bebe explore what is happening in the world today, the chaos and transformation, what happens when we ask open questions, how the conditioning relating to the workplace is crumbling, what happens in competitive environments, the lack of compassion and inhumanness in the workplace, the broken systems in the workplace and government, how to find meaning and purpose in systems you no longer believe in, how we can use the chaos to sense into what is emerging in the world, how we need to make space for the new, for something that is nutritious and nourishing, shedding our attachments to what we thought made us feel safe, how to use writing and movement to assist us during personal transformational processes, what sensemaking is about, how to make sense of what is happening inside us, how sensemaking assist us to expand our reality and to be more compassionate, how we can see more context, collective sensemaking, Bebe’s Dodo series and her bigger story Sapience, how she use collective sensemaking to unfold the narrative of her fictional story, her blog, and so much more.

Sharing the Joy (with Susan Sloan)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Susan explore the Joy of Movement, dancing, NIA, spiral and circular movement’s effect on our lives, our 13 joints, the 52 moves in NIA, the GPS of our bodies, the art of sensation, the energy flow in the body, our sensory awareness, how NIA assists us with our relationships, communication and transformation journeys, how NIA assists us with creating and moving between form and structure and creativity and freedom, and much more.

The Sharing of uBuntu (with Anna-Mari)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Anna-Mari explore the wonders of uBuntu, the Humanities Team, the meaning of Oneness and being a Human Being in Africa, the embodied experience of uBuntu and not only speaking about it, how does it feel like, the recognition of Being, that Oneness is not Sameness, Diversity, what the word uBuntu means, the rules in Nature, Openness, appreciation of others, how change happens in contrasts, how what is happening bring balance and healing, what harmony is about, and so much more.

Connection (with Jenna-Lee Strugnell)

In this Joy-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Jenna-Lee explore the wonders of being alive at this time, narrative therapy, the need for true connection, the healthy masculine, motherhood, Tales of Turning and much more.

Love and Patience (with Luba Schotter)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Luba explore the wonders of being a parent and mother in the 21st century, conscious parenting, the need for being present with our little ones, the need for quality time with our little ones, the impact of our first experiences in our later lives, the impact on our creativity and spatial development with playing and constructing with LEGO blocks, and so much more.

The Sacredness of Being (with Tanya Lee Collop)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Tanya explore the Essence of Being, what Beingness is about, our Authentic Presence, being present, connecting on a heart felt level, the difference between being and doing, what it means to be present to someone or something, the signals of the body, what parts of my body are stimulated when I am present with someone, the impact of hugging, the wonders of our hands, and much more.

Aligning Happiness (with Benji Langegger)

In this Joy-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Benji explore what it is like to be alive at this time, especially for the younger generations, the generational gaps, how to live your passion, what choices you have, how to experience happiness and much more.

Become your unique Self (with Linn Bekkevik)

In this JOY-Cast Space Girl Hannelie and Linn explore the shifts happening in the world and cosmos, our energetic connection and engagement, who we truly are as humans, our free will, the matrix, energy healing, perspectives about the dark and light, how others can manipulate us psychically when we allow them to treat us badly, how we can use our own inner guidance system and sensory awareness to guide us along the way, how we can tune into our Higher Being and Best Self, what happens when we choose to recognise and connect to the part in each other, a perspective of what unconditional love is about and much more.